Georgia Bulldogs featured in 'SEC Inside' episode

Brent Wilson

The Georgia Bulldogs were featured this past week on "SEC Inside", and if you haven't taken a look yet, you should.

The episode featured bits from Kirby Smart, Jordan Davis, Richard LeCounte, Eric Stokes, George Pickens, as well as some clips of D'Wan Mathis which seemed to be the fan-favorite on social media.

Obviously, the big take away for most everyone was D'Wan Mathis showing accuracy power on his throw on the move to Kearis Jackson.

Mathis has become a favorite for the starting job, and rightfully so. He's got everything you could want in a quarterback- size, arm talent, speed. Most importantly, he's got the backing from his teammates.

The episode also features just how many leaders this team has, as well as how competitively driven they are. 

Eric Stokes is shown multiple times telling the opposing receiver "me versus you" and "Imma get you before you get me". 

Stokes was shown getting beat by George Pickens for touchdowns, which Jordan Davis tells Stokes, "Clear mind, bro. Gotta have a short term memory."

Richard LeCounte is shown saying some of the same things, while also showing his leadership and experience in calling out teammates who missed an assignment.

If you've listened to Kirby Smart in any press conference early in the season, he's always emphasizing the need to find leaders and players who want to compete.

One clip shows LeCounte yelling, "Aye man, we gotta compete, man. We gotta compete fellas." 

Right after this, Smart says, "I'm begging for somebody that'll compete."

All offseason long, it's been emphasized how experienced the defense is. In just a 3-minute segment, you can get a good sense that Smart has tons of leaders across the board. 

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Brooks Austin
Brooks Austin


Hahahah LeCounte cracks me up man.

Also love the competition between Stokes and Pickens