Georgia Football: NFL Player Comp Series, Kelee Ringo

Brooks Austin

Kelee Ringo is the nation's No. 1 corner for several reasons, but they begin with the measurables. 6'2, 205 pounds with long arms and a frame to hold even more weight in the near future, combined with 4.35 speed as a senior in high school and you've got yourself the highest-rated defensive back to ever sign with The University of Georgia. 

Measurables like that are exactly what made Patrick Peterson the No. 1 overall corner out of Blanche Ely high school in Pompano, Florida. Though, it took Peterson three years in the LSU strength and conditioning program to bolster up to 219 pounds before heading to the combine and laying down a 4.34 forty-yard dash and one of the more impressive combine performances ever for a DB. 

However, like all of our player comparisons, the physical likeness between the two is one of the many commonalities that they share. 

Here's a full film review of what these two bring to the table: 

Fluid Hips

All 5-star DBs should be able to flip their hips with easy, but what separates the really good from the really great defensive backs is not only there ability to transition from a backpedal to a run, but how efficiently they do so and whether or not they can maintain speed throughout. 

Not only do Ringo and Peterson transition smoothly, but the almost accelerate during the said transition from pedal to sprint. 

Eliminate One Side of The Field

One thing that sticks out on Kelee Ringo's tape is the fact that he was trusted to roll down into press coverage in cover 3 situations. Now, this may sound extremely technical so I'll do my best to make it simple. 

In cover 3, both corners and the single high safety are each responsible for their respective deep third of the field. For most corners, without 4.35 speed, this typically means they are lined up six to seven yards off the wideout in hopes of keeping the wideout in front of them. 

However, Ringo and Peterson don't have to do that. They have such elite recovery speed that they often times walk down and press at the line of scrimmage which relieves immense pressure of the rest of the defense. 

Man to Man 

Some will tell you that Elias Ricks is the top corner in 2020, and though he's an elite corner, what separates him and Ringo, in my opinion, is Ringo's ability to walk into the SEC and play man to man with virtually any player in the conference. He showed as much at the Adidas All-American practices against some of the nation's top receiving threats. 

Ringo even won reps against a physical presence like Arik Gilbert who was virtually uncoverable during practices.  

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