Greg Sankey Skeptical about College Football in the Spring

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was on ESPN's College Football Live and he expressed his skepticism about playing college football in the spring.
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SEC commissioner Greg Sankey, like the rest of us, is taking it day by day at this point. He's stumbled around and made a few mistakes when speaking to the media, like for instance when he mentioned the SEC plans to move forward without the rest of the conferences only to backpedal that statement a bit later. Though for the most part he's done a rather good job of handling an unprecedented situation. 

He was on ESPN's College Football Live this week and addressed the idea of spring football and why he's rather skeptical of the idea of college football being played in the spring: 

"Well here's the problem I see with the spring right now, we've kept that on a list of alternatives, but I've not had the explanation of how we'd be assured of some reality come spring that will be better than the fall. And in fact, if you look at cold and flu season as people have talked about the deeper you go the more problematic that can be. And we are all in this world of unpredictability, we are building the bridges, crossing the river and writing the instruction manual as we do so. So, people may make that decision, in fact, I think some of our colleagues and smaller conferences have identified that as a solution I think our focus properly is what can we achieve in the fall to the extent that that doesn't become possible to support in a healthy way, we will have to pivot and we will be prepared to pivot quickly, but we want to focus right now on how do we support healthy activity in the next few months." 

Cold & Flu season does extend well into the spring semester, though Sankey failed to address the primary issue with the idea of spring football. 

How many draft-eligible football players would be playing? Not to mention, what does that do to the 2021 football season? 

Of the 255 NFL Draft picks a year ago, 63 of them were players in the SEC, no other conference had more than 50. You're looking at a substantial amount of football players that would likely forgo their season in the spring anyways. 

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