Jake Fromm Leaves NFL Combine with Same Questions

Chris Allen

Jake Fromm, per usual, was all smiles today in Indianapolis. And though a lot of stocks may have moved up or down today, I think a lot of scouts left Thursday's throwing session the same way they came in. 

With questions about Fromm's physical limitations.

He ran a 5.01 40, the slowest of today’s QB grouping. To anyone who has watched his game, his straight-line speed has always been questionable, he's never flashed athleticism on film. Though he has displayed enough quickness to move in and out of the pocket. So, it will be interesting to see how he performs in the Three Cone Drill and each of the Shuttle Drills.

Later on, during throwing drills, Jake was stacked directly behind former teammate Jacob Eason, whom Jake bested as a Freshman in 2017. Fromm looked to be throwing in rhythm and with confidence during the quick game routes. Slants, deep in's and quick outs were all in pace and on target but he missed on a few occasions with his deep ball which has been the biggest question mark for Jake, his arm strength.

David Carr on NFL Network said this of Fromm's performance: 

"I really like Jake. The hard thing is, you want to go in and talk positively about a guy. But a couple of his throws just weren't as good. You could tell he lacked the arm strength on a few throws." 

QB, Jake Fromm was his usual smiling self.

So again, did scouts or NFL General managers learn anything new about Jake Fromm today? No. 

Prior to the combine, evaluators knew that if they invested in Fromm it wouldn't be based on what he did today in shorts, on air. 

They knew that what you get with Jake is a proven winner that somehow beat out two of the most talents quarterbacks the University of Georgia has ever seen. He won that locker room and coaching staff over twice. Today's workouts only confirmed what everyone knew. 

That investment in Fromm is an investment in intangibles. 

He may not torch you for 300+ yards a game, but he’s an accurate passer with veteran pocket awareness and can control the line of scrimmage as good as anyone in the draft. 

Overall, today may not have been his greatest performance, but we knew going into the day what his strengths are. No one expected a blazing fast 40 time or 60-yard bombs, but what we did get was Jake Fromm.

A guy who loves and studies the game is always smiling. Paired with the right system and situation, he will have a very long career in the NFL. 

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His personality, demeanor, game IQ, etc are the intangibles. The tangibles are the speed, athleticism, throwing, etc. I'll be rooting for Fromm.

Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson

I’m a believer that Fromm ends up having a great NFL career. His personality and demeanor outdoes all of the intangibles, and I know at least one NFL GM will realize that.