Former K-state President, Jon Wefald Tells Paul Finebaum, No Vaccine No Football

Former Kansas State president, Jon Wefald has told Paul finebaum that if there's no vaccine in place by July there will be no college football this fall.
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It's something we've all wondered. 

As each day passes we not only worry about the health and safety of those around us, but there's the thought of losing a season of college football. As if it's not bad enough that we might have missed out on LeBron James' shot at a fourth ring, the Masters, Wimbledon, Opening Day, etc. 

All compromised to coronavirus. 

But it can't take college football right? Former K-State president, Jon Wefald has told Paul Finebaum that if there's no vaccine for COVID-19 by July, there's like not going to be football this fall. 

According to Annelies Wilder-Smith, professor of emerging infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, their likely won't be a passable vaccine for 18 months according to projections. 

They aren't going to play football in the middle of nowhere, or in front of empty stadiums with only cameras and TV networks. Nope. They aren't playing football if there's no vaccine by July according to the former president of a Power 5 program. 

As someone who not only loves, breaths, and quite literally dreams about Saturdays in the fall, but is kind of in an industry built on the back of college football, the reality those won't be there this fall is finally starting to set in. 

Stay safe and Stay Home. 

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