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Florida Tight End, Kyle Pitts Ruled Out for Remainder of Game

Florida tight end, Kyle Pitts has been ruled out for the remainder of the according to reports from CBS.

Tight end Kyle Pitts has officially been ruled out for the Florida Gators. Pitts put his imprint all over the game in the first half by catching two long passes up the sideline, one of which came for a touchdown against Tyson Campbell. He has also garnered consistent double teams wherever he traveled on the field.

Pitts broke open in the secondary on a deep post route midway through the second quarter. Kyle Trask, who has four first-half passing touchdowns, launched the pass downfield. Safety Lewis Cine saw Pitts break upon and rushed over from his safety position to try to make a play on the ball.

The resulting collision was extremely jarring and has made rounds across social media. Cine threw all of his body weight into Pitts. The momentum of Cine, combined with the large frame of Pitts, resulted in a massive collision. Cine’s helmet flew off, and both players were slow to get up.

Pitts was on the ground for an extended period of time, and when Cine got up, his eyes appeared glassy, and it almost looked as if he almost did not know where he was. Upon further review, the booth decided that the hit mandated an ejection. Cine was disqualified from the contest, hurting Georgia’s secondary depth even more.

Pitts was taken into the blue medical tent before being taken back to the locker room and eventually ruled out of the contest. The rivalry game has already proved to be extremely physical, as Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint left with a serious injury to his leg, and numerous others have had to be attended to.