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Todd McShay says Jake Fromm Gets Worst Rap of Any QB

Jake Fromm's draft stock has been a topic of conversation for a while, and Todd McShay says that Fromm gets the worst rap of any QB in the country. Here's why.

Jake Fromm's draft status has been a topic of conversation surrounding the Georgia football program for quite some time now, even dating back to the beginning of the season.

Now, as the Sugar Bowl approaches and the regular season is in the rearview, some think that Fromm's draft status is in the dumps and that this season has crushed his stock with some of the higher-ups in the NFL Scouting world. 

Not ESPN's Todd McShay. 

Yesterday, on The Ringer's Ryen Russillo Podcast, McShay spoke about Fromm's junior season and how even though it's the popular opinion to bash Fromm, it's often the uneducated one. 

"Jake Fromm is probably the guy I go up and down on the most. But I think he gets the worst rap of any of the other quarterbacks because he's one of the smartest quarterbacks I have ever been around. He has great anticipation. He's lost some big games, and he's played big in big games, but they always seem to come up short more often than not."

McShay went on to explain the regression in Fromm's junior season

"If you go back and study, even last year, in those big games his completion percentage should have been much higher than what it was becuase of drops and guys just not being in the right place at the right time. This year he's got a transfer in from Miami that gets injured and a bunch of freshmen at wide receiver. He's had three different injuries on the offensive front, and he's had to pretty much carry the offense." 

McShay closed his comments on Fromm with something that should really land home for those in the camp that thinks Fromm's draft status is in the tank: 

"Everyone that I talk to is like 'Ugh Fromm, he needs to go back to school, he's really regressed this year.' And you know what? Do me a favor and study it before you bother me with your opinion on this. I know I sound like a jerk, and I really don't mean to. I get it. If you don't like his arm strength I totally agree. He's never going to be a great athlete, but I would argue he's played just as well this year as he did the past couple of years." 

He continued: 

"When you don't have anything around you, and you've got a defense that's playing lights out, the whole equation changes. He's the guy that's been frustrating to watch on tape because I know he's playing well but I also know what the national narrative is and I know he's going to wind up falling a bit."