NCAA Transfer Rule Could Be a Weapon for Kirby Smart and Georgia Football

Brooks Austin

The University of Georgia has recruited at the Top-10 level for decades at this point. In fact, since the year 2000, UGA has fallen outside the Top-10 just three times. However, since the arrival of Kirby Smart, they have kicked it up a few notches. 

Smart and his staff have brought in the nation's top class in two out of the last three classes according to, three consecutive at, and most recently achieved the inaugural top spot on this year's SI All-American rankings. 

The time and effort spent on the recruiting pitch to the nation's top available talent is something that Kirby Smart prides himself on. He's been known for his style and energy on the recruiting trail dating well back to his days at Alabama. 

Part of that prowess on the trail is becoming adaptive to the ever-changing landscape around you, such as the new NCAA Transfer rule that will allow players to transfer once while being granted immediate eligibility (pending they meet the criteria.) 

And though some coaches may see the new ruling as a "slippery slope," and have come out and expressed their disapproval of the new rule, I could see it working to the advantage of a program like Georgia's that is stacking and collecting elite talent. Here's why: 

Kirby Smart has the ability to work his way into the living room of any and every top recruit in the country at this point. The Red & Black Georgia "G" is plastered on almost every "Top-6" or "Top-8" of top prospects over recent years. 

With the new transfer rule allowing kids to leave and receive immediate eligibility, Kirby Smart can stack and store five-stars at an even higher clip. Used to, recruits would want to know how many players in their position are going to be on the roster by time they get to campus, in hopes of gaging the competition for potential playing time.  

Now, top talent that wants to play for Smart and his staff won't have to worry about the consequences of sitting out if they don't win the starting job. 

QB, Jamie Newman

This is especially important at the quarterback position, which is a position group that Kirby Smart is borderline overloading at this point. Jamie Newman, Stetson Bennett, D'Wan Mathis, Carson Beck all on scholarship with several preferred walk-ons in the mix. Not to mention Brock Vandagriff entering the picture in 2021. Or maybe even Gunner Stockton in 2022 who they are heavily pursuing. 

Now, the chances a top recruit being scared off by an already packed depth chart are less likely. Something that a recruiter like Kirby Smart is more than likely going to be using in his pitch to prospects. 

Just take the wide receivers group from last year for example. There were (2) former five stars, and (5) former four stars on the roster. And that was at a position that most would call the weak point of the roster in 2019. 

So, what did Kirby Smart do? He went out and added (4) more four star recruits to the bunch. Now he doesn't have to worry about over recruiting a position, he only has to worry about bringing in the next top prospect. 

Which, hasn't that been his primary objective all along? 

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It is not could be, it is a will be. Not just for Georgia but for all Power Five teams. Saddle up and get ready for the rustling?