NCAA to Have Update on Fall Sports Championships, College Football


Dawgs Daily on said a few days ago that the best news that could possibly come out of the NCAA Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday would be no news. That was exactly the case as there was no official vote on the fate of fall championship sports for the NCAA. According to Brett McMurphy of, they elected to allow each division inside of the NCAA to make their own decision on if and how sports should proceed this fall. 

This is a major development as many have speculated that a blanket cancellation of fall sports by the NCAA could have been the straw that broke the camel's back for the Power 5 and the big-time conferences could have broken away for good. While that possibility is still not totally off the table, it does appear unity is maintained for now by allowing the FBS, FCS, Division 2, and Division 3 all decide their own paths. These meetings are scheduled for Wednesday morning at 10 AM.

Just before the meeting on Wednesday, UCONN decided that the health risks and exposure for their student-athletes were just too high, and have canceled their 2020 football season, becoming the first FBS football team to do so. 

"The board of governors and I today continued our discussion about the NCAA's ability to proceed with our 22 fall championships in light of the COVID-19 trend lines. In order to ensure the health and well-being of college athletes, we have to consider all the implications when determining our next steps, and we plan to provide an update to our membership and the public tomorrow." - Emmert following meeting on Tuesday

Based on the information we have acquired, the decision on non-revenue fall sports could come as early as today. As for football, the Power 5 decision-makers have requested the NCAA "wait longer for more information to be gathered." 

If championships are canceled for the fall sports, Emmert has expressed to ESPN in an interview that he doesn't see why the independent conferences can't host their own conference championships. 

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Brooks Austin
Brooks Austin


I would think they cancel everything but football. That’s where we are headed. It’s where we’ve been headed.