2020 NFL Draft Stock Watch: Update on Jake Fromm

Brooks Austin

Jake Fromm is 30-6 as a starter in three seasons at Georgia and has built quite the career already. He's fifth on the career lists for both passing yards and completions, and he's on pace to be the first and only Georgia quarterback to complete 70% of his passes in a season. 

But unfortunately for Dawg fans, considering Jake Fromm's 2020 NFL Draft Stock, this very well could be his last season in Athens. Here's an update where Fromm stands.

It's a fairly loaded class at the Quarterback position, but an even more loaded pool of NFL teams that are desperate for a franchise quarterback. Not to mention, with the way rookie QB deals are structured, allowing teams to keep first-round QBs on their rookie deal for five full seasons, NFL teams are taking quarterbacks earlier and earlier these days. 

We will move forward in this article under the assumption of the following principle: 

If Jake Fromm is a first-round graded quarterback, no matter what happens at UGA this season in terms of a national championship, Fromm is most likely gone. So, let's look at the odds he is, in fact, a first-rounder...

First off, there have been thirty quarterbacks drafted in the first round over the last ten drafts. If my math's any good, that means, on average, there are at least three quarterbacks drafted in each class. 

So, with that being said, let's take a look at the draft-eligible QBs in the 2020 NFL Draft class that have received first-round talks so far this season.  

Now, as it currently sits, according to the majority of NFL Mock drafts from various experts whether it be those from CBSsports.com, Bleacher Report, or even ESPN, Fromm sits fourth in that group of four. So, Georgia fans hoping Fromm returns for his senior year can take a breath, for now. Knowing that as of today, according to the last ten years of the draft, Fromm is not in that group of three we typically see go in round one. 

QB, Jake Fromm

However, as was the case in 2018, when five QBs were taken in the first round alone, more teams than usual are in search of a franchise QB: 

  • Miami: They've been linked to Tanking for Tua from the start of the season despite a recent win over the New York Jets
  • Cincinnati: The Bengals have already benched Andy Dalton for the season and are seeing what they have in Ryan Findley over the back half of the season. 
  • Tampa Bay: Does Tampa give up on former #1 overall pick, Jameis Winston? Winston is on the last year of his rookie deal this season. 
  • Tennessee: Same situation with Mariotta as Tampa has with Winston. Mariotta has already been benched for Ryan Tannehill. 

Those are four teams that we know have QB issues, then there are the wild cards like the Chargers with an aging Phillip Rivers at the helm. Are the Bears and Matt Nagy believers in the Tribusky experience? Pittsburgh's thirty-seven-year-old QB just had Tommy John surgery. 

All three of those teams are playoff-caliber rosters that are a mature and winning quarterback away from making a deep run in January and that's exactly what Jake Fromm is and has been since his arrival in the Red & Black. 

Now, I'll take you back to the preceding assumption prior to all this rambling. The assumption that no matter what happens, if Jake Fromm is assured a first-round grade, he will leave. 

The only problem is, I don't think it's that simple for Fromm. Listen to the way this guy talks about his coach, his teammates, his school, and you'll learn quickly that money is a fickle factor in this game of life for Jake Fromm. If he looks into the eyes of those returners for next season, and just can't shake the responsibility to lead those guys to a national championship for the Dawgs, then I certainly wouldn't be shocked. 

And if you've paid attention to the leader of men that this young man is, then it wouldn't be a shock to you either. 

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No. 1-1

For some reason (maybe just wishful thinking) whenever I get in discussions with friends about Jake Fromm entering the draft or staying at UGA I see in my head the scene from "Night at the Museum" and Owen Wilson yelling "I ain't gonna quit you!!" He just seems to me like a person that finishes what he starts, and leaving UGA without a Championship would be against his nature..