'There are No More Excuses in Athens'

Georgia is entering a season in 2021 with plenty of hype and anticipation and there are also high expectations from the national media.

The University of Georgia football program has a bright future ahead of itself. Just how bright is the question. 

Entering the 2021 season — like seemingly each of the 40 previous seasons since a national title was brought to Athens — the stars have seemingly aligned for a national title run. 

And according to ESPN's Adam Rittenberg, the time is now for the Georgia Bulldogs. 

"There are no more excuses in Athens. Georgia has the roster, both now and in the immediate future, to return to the CFP. If the Bulldogs' four-decade national-title drought doesn't end in the next three years, their fans should be massively disappointed." - Adam Rittenberg

He went on to highlight the changes in offensive philosophy with the hiring of coordinator Todd Monken along with the talent that exists on the roster with quarterback JT Daniels and a plethora of weapons. 

When Kirby Smart took over as head coach at Georgia, things weren't in shambles, but he quickly turned the Bulldogs into a national powerhouse in terms of recruiting. Smart has revamped the program's brand from a top-10 to a top-three annual recruiter, and the wins on the field have followed. However, the biggest win has eluded him multiple times, particularly against Alabama. 

Sources close to the program have expressed to Dawgs Daily that the time is now for Georgia. They have an incredibly talented staff, are bordering on some of the best facilities in all of college football and they rest atop a state that, per capita, produces some of the nation's most premier football talent. 

A source told Dawgs Daily that Georgia simply has to show proof of concept. In other words, all they have to do is get over the hump. The reason they lose the occasional recruiting battle to Clemson, Ohio State and especially Alabama is that four-letter word: ring. 

If Georgia can prove that they are worthy of a national title and can secure that elusive championship, they may never lose another top recruit again. 

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