Source: October or November Start Being Discussed If Nothing Changes

Brooks Austin

There are still several questions revolved around the 2020 college football season. The Big 10 and Pac-12 have already announced they will be going to a conference only schedule, the ACC has been rumored to do the same, and the SEC athletic directors are meeting at the SEC headquarters in Birmingham on Monday. 

So, there's plenty of theories on how they will play a season this fall, with the most common response being conference only. Though that doesn't determine when. 

Sources have indicated to Dawgs Daily on that the next two weeks are vital for college football on the COVID-19 front, and if there are no signs of improvement, the season is going to be significantly delayed. 

Most likely, an October or November start at the earliest with hope that treatments progress and the very earliest vaccines perhaps become available by then. 

As we've mentioned here on Dawgs Daily before, the further the season is delayed, the less likely it is that any of the NFL draft-eligible players are to play this season. Players like Jamie Newman, Richard LeCounte, Monty Rice, even Eric Stokes, guys that are receiving legitimate NFL attention headed into the 2020 season could simply forgo the year and wait for the NFL draft. 

There are five Saturdays in October and four Saturdays in November in which they could likely fit a large portion of the season in, if need be. The delay of the season is simply in hopes that not only things slow down in terms of the spread of the virus, but that there is a possible vaccine by that time. 

According to an article released by Fox News on Saturday, a man in Maryland could have been the first American to have been vaccinated successfully. According to the report, if the trial proves successful, Pfizer said it will produce 100 million doses before the end of the year and more than a billion doses next year, WJLA reports.

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Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams

I’m sure a lot of teams in the south wouldn’t mind skipping the September heat and starting in the fall