David Pollack Says Smart and Staff Have to Check the Ego at the Door vs LSU

Brooks Austin

David Pollack is one of the best to ever put on the wear the Georgia Bulldogs uniform, and since entering the world of media he hasn’t been afraid to doubt the Bulldogs. 

Today he spoke to the media about what it's going to take for Georgia to come out on top in the SEC championship game. 

When asked what Georgia's defense needs to do in order to stop the LSU defense he said: 

"Here's the thing, Kirby and company are going to have to check their ego at the door and understand that from 20 to 20 LSU can have all the yards they want. Make it a slow death, stop them in the redzone and limit them to field goals. But I don't think anyone can stop this LSU offense. Joe Burrow is playing at such a high level, I mean his lowest completion percentage is 71%." 

He went on to say that he doesn't believe the old-school narrative that "defense wins championships." 

"You have to have a great offense to win a national championship in today's college football. The game has changed so much. So we will get to see if old school defense can reign supreme. Look LSU's offense is a Big 12 offense, this not an offense that does something no one else has done. They are going to get theirs." 

He was rather critical about Jake Fromm's play this season too, and he accredits it to Fromm's mechanics. 

"He's not playing his best football. I can look at him and tell his mechanics need to improve. He's fading away while throwing the football and that's stuff as a three-year starter you can't do. He's missed a lot of throws that were wide open." 

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What's happened to David Pollack? His arrogance and know it all persona have gotten to the point I cannot watch game day anymore...the only one who needs to check their ego is his arrogant anus and go back to doing whatever he did before somebody at ESPN screwed up and put him on tv!!! Help us all!!!!


So disappointed in Pollack, who once again has gone against his GA Bulldogs & check our ego at the door? Disappointed in his lack of loyalty.

Big Zoe
Big Zoe

This is one of the worst written stories I've ever read. There's so many errors in this story that it made it hard to read. Do writers not proofread anymore? There's errors in the very first sentence. What the hell is this mess?: "When asked what Georgia's defense needs to do in order to stop the LSU defense he said:". I honestly think Georgia's defense will be able keep LSU's defense from scoring. You should be embarrassed for putting this crappy written story out for anyone to see with your name on it. My 13 year old son could write a better story than this.