President Trump says "Let 'em Play" when asked about College Football

President Donald Trump was asked about whether or not college football should be played this season at his presser, and he says 'Let 'em Play'.
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The President of the United States typically doesn't get asked questions about college football, but in a time where several Power 5 conferences and various Group of 5 conferences have moved their seasons to the spring due to the coronavirus, it's bound to happen. 

Wednesday at President Donald Trump's White House briefing he was asked about whether or not college football should be played, and he did not disappoint. 

"Go play football. I spoke to some of the great football players. College Players. Trevor (Lawrence) and a lot of great players called. Coach called, coach O. A lot of fantastic people. I got to speak to athletes leaders. They want to play football. Let 'em play"

There you have it, the president of the United States doing his best Coach Boone impression from Remember the Titans, "Let 'em play! Let the boys play!" 


President Trump has not been shy about his fandom for college football. He attended the highly anticipated matchup between LSU and Alabama in Tuscaloosa this past season, and of course, he was at the National Championship as well. 

This obviously coming after the Big Ten and Pac-12 have both elected to move their seasons to the spring causing what seem to be even more questions about the fall season that the Big 12, ACC, and SEC are planning to have. 

Whether or not players will be able to transfer and will be granted immediate eligibility, whether their even will be an NCAA involved if some conferences are moving on without the others, or even whether or not there will be a college football playoff.

Though for now, at least we have football. 

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