Projecting Georgia's G-Day Offensive Depth Chart: Pre-Spring Edition

The 2021 G-Day game features the first look at the explosive offense Georgia hopes to field this season.
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The G-Day Game has become quite the spectacle during the Kirby Smart era. From quarterback battles to Ludacris concerts, Georgia's spring game is always a site to see.

This year, the spectacle is all on the field. The 2021 Georgia football team might be the most talented in school history. That means competition battles are fierce at numerous positions. The G-Day game is an opportunity for some of the younger talent to show they belong at the top of the depth chart.

Spring practice begins on March 16, that's when those position battles begin. For a month, Georgia will establish the pecking order for the G-Day game which takes place on April 17.


Black Team

  • QB1: J.T. Daniels
  • QB2: Brock Vandagriff or Carson Beck
  • QB3: Stetson Bennett IV

Red Team

  • QB1: Brock Vandagriff
  • QB2: Stetson Bennett IV
  • QB3: Brock Vandagriff or Carson Beck

J.T. Daniels will retain his starting job in 2021, meaning he'll lead the first-team offense in the G-Day Game. Throughout the spring, freshmen Brock Vandagriff and Carson beck will compete for the right to start against Daniel and in typical Kirby Smart fashion, we expect him to give zero indication as to who his backup is between Vandagriff of Beck. 

Beck might have more experience in Monken's system, but Dawgs Daily gives the edge to Vandagriff. He's a much more dynamic quarterback and he arrives to school as a more polished quarterback. 

However, Vandagriff and Beck will likely rotate for much of the first half. Daniels will have a short day as he doesn't have as much to prove.

Running back

Black Team

  • RB1: Zamir White
  • RB2: James Cook
  • RB3: Daijun Edwards

Red Team

  • RB1: Kendall Milton
  • RB2: Kenny McIntosh
  • RB3: Lovasea Carroll

This is exciting. Both three-man rotations would lead any running back stable in the nation. But in Athens, one of these groups is the "second team." Talk about being spoiled at running back.

Zamir White and Kendall Milton are prototypical primary running backs. They are both physical and punishing athletes making them great foils for one another in the G-Day Game. The same can be said for James Cook and Kenny McIntosh. They are reliable running backs who are threats in the passing game.

Daijun Edwards showed how dangerous he could be in a reserve role last season. Lovasea Carroll will have the opportunity to show he can make a similar impact this year.

Wide Receiver

Black Team - Wide Receiver

  • WR1: George Pickens
  • WR2: Jermaine Burton
  • WR3: Kearis Jackson
  • WR4: Demetris Robertson

Black Team - Slot

  • Slot1: Kearis Jackson
  • Slot2: Demetris Robertson

Red Team - Wide Receiver

  • WR1: Dominick Blaylock
  • WR2: Justin Robinson
  • WR3: Jaylen Johnson

Red Team - Slot

  • Slot1: Arian Smith
  • Slot2: Ladd McConkey

This is likely the most talented group of wide receivers Georgia has ever had on campus. All of those guys have at least one year of experience. The G-Day Game will be that group's first chance to really flex their muscles together.

Georgia Pickens, Jermaine Burton and Kearis Jackson will be a handful for Georgia's depleted defensive backfield. But they're proven commodities and aren't the receivers Georgia fans should watch.

The G-Day Game is a great opportunity for Arian Smith, Justin Robinson, Jaylen Johnson and Ladd McConkey. Smith is the only receiver of the bunch with meaningful experience. Fans will also be re-introduced to redshirt sophomore Dominick Blaylock who returns from two ACL injuries.

Tight End

Black Team

  • TE1: Darnell Washington
  • TE2: John FitzPatrick

Red Ream

  • TE1: Ryland Goede
  • TE2: Brock Bowers
  • TE3: Brett Seither

Much like the receiving corps, the Black team features the proven stars, while the red team features players Georgia fans will watch for the first time. 

Ryland Goede and Brett Seither are second-year players who combined for five appearances last year. Brock Bowers is a true freshman and one of the best tight end prospects in the nation. Right now, Washington, FitzPatrick and Bowers have all of the attention. Goede and Seither can prove they belong in Georgia's tight end rotation.

Offensive Line

Black Team

  • LT: Xavier Truss
  • LG: Jamaree Salyer
  • C: Warren Ericson
  • RG: Justin Shaffer
  • RT: Warren McClendon

Red Team

  • LT: Broderick Jones
  • LG: Clay Webb
  • C: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger
  • RG: Devin Willock
  • RT: Amarius Mims

The offensive line is the area Georgia's offense needs to address most this spring. The group only lost two starters, and Warren Ericson started two games at the end of last season. 

However, the group is being shuffled as Georgia transitions to Monken, and offensive line coach Matt Luke's philosophies. The starting offensive lines for the G-Day Game may not reflect the starting-five when the season begins. That's how close the competition is.

It would not be a surprise to see members of the red team switch jerseys throughout the game to get experience against Georgia's starting front-six.