Return and Practice Date Set for Georgia Football

Dawgs Daily has confirmed through several players that Georgia Football players are set to return to campus June 3rd with practice set to begin June 8th.
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It's something we here at Dawgs Daily have been anxiously waiting to report for quite some time. Football is on its way back. 

Dawgs Daily has confirmed from several sources that Georgia football players have been given a return to campus date of June 3rd, with practice set to begin as early as June 8th.

If you can even call it practice. It's assumed there will be a bit of an adjustment period physically. With these players not having been on campus or in a competitive environment for months at this point, it will be quite some time before they are going anywhere near full speed. 

There will also be a limit on the number of players allowed to workout at one time. With a maximum of two hours per day allowed. 

Obviously the first several days will be spent getting guys through physicals and having them tested for COVID-19 as well as getting them settled into their new dorms and various apartments. 

We also spoke with a Tennessee player that is set to report back to campus on June 5th, so a slight leg up for Georgia in terms of getting their guys back and through physicals. 

This is a great sign for a prompt and on-time start date for the season this fall. With Georgia's schedule being a bit more front-loaded than in recent memory this fall, it couldn't have come at a better time. Georgia's toughest game of the season — on the road in Tuscaloosa — coming in Week 3 of the season, along with an entirely new offense having to be learned makes every rep and practice all the more valuable. 

Players have been going through offensive and defensive install through zoom meetings with their position coaches for several weeks at this point. Though nothing will be as beneficial as physical reps in a live situation. 

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