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Georgia Safety, Richard LeCounte Talks NFL Draft

Junior Safety, Richard LeCounte spoke to the media today and was asked about his upcoming decision of whether or not to enter the NFL Draft.

Richard LeCounte has played a pivotal role in the Georgia secondary for quite some time now. The former five star has more than lived up to the ratings coming into Georgia and certainly has an NFL Draft decision looming. 

LeCounte spoke to the media today. Here are the highlights: 

LeCounte was asked if this was his last game as a Georgia Bulldog

"I'm not really thinking to much about that. I'm focused on beating Baylor. Whatever happens after happens. I'm going to sit down with my family and go over the decision." 

LeCounte was then asked if he's received his draft grade back yet: 

"No, not yet. " 

LeCounte spoke about the idea of the No Name defense: 

"I wouldn't say the No name defense. We've got eleven players that are able to make plays. It's not like none of us can make plays. We all put in so much work that our defense is just solid. No name can really define us." 

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LeCounte then gave some high praise to one of his teammates. When asked who he thought improved the most this season he said Monty Rice: 

"I'd have to say, Monty. Every game he got better. He's become known as a guy that stops the run and being able to control everything in front of him and that's real special. I love going out there and playing with him." 

We asked LeCounte if there was any added pressure on him with J.R. Reed being out: 

"No, I don't think so. We've been preparing for 15 weeks to play football. We definitely going to miss him on that back end, but it's not a step off or anything like that we are going to keep it rolling." 

LeCounte went on to talk about the depth of the defense: 

"It just goes to show you how much depth we have as a defense. When guys are gassed we come in and get them for a play and it doesn't fall off at all. Everyone on our defense is fully capable of playing and they know the scheme. So, when that's happening you're capable of playing 25 to 40 guys on Saturday. And as a defense, it's something we are proud of." 

LeCounte has led Georgia in turnovers created and gained over the past two seasons, and it's something that he accredits to those around him: 

"Those guys create the turnover, I'm just the cleanup man. Those guys go out there and are sacrificing, doing everything they got to do to create havoc. I've been fortunate enough to be around the ball a lot and it's something I pride myself on, running to the ball."