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Ryen Russillo Says That Georgia Isn't Deserving of Top-10 Ranking

Formerly of ESPN, now at The Ringer, Ryen Russillo says that Georgia isn't deserving of Top-10 ranking, South Carolina loss just too bad.

Ryen Russillo picked Georgia to win the National Championship this season, but after the last couple of weeks, Russillo has flipped the script completely. Claiming that Georgia's 20-17 double-overtime loss to South Carolina is enough to remove them from the National Championship conversation. 

Russillo had The Athletic's Bruce Feldman on the episode, and Feldman echoed Russilo's sentiments about the Bulldogs. Saying that the loss to the third-string quarterback from South Carolina is a downright "clunker." 

Feldman re-iterated that "something is just off" with the Georgia football team. And that even with the recent developments, Feldman believes Georgia will find a way to get past Florida and make it to the SEC championship. 

"I don't know how you could watch either of those games (South Carolina & Kentucky) and come away thinking that's a top-10 team. It's just not." - Bruce Feldman

This episode of The Ryen Russillo podcast was released Friday, prior to this weekend's slate of games, so I am curious as to what these gentlemen think about the Oklahoma Sooners. 

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I also wonder what Ryen Russillo's comments were when Clemson lost to Syracuse at home in 2018, or when 2015 when Alabama lost to Ole Miss at home. Or how bout in 2014 when Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech at home? 

Were those games "automatic eliminators?" Look, I share Russilo's sentiment in the fact that Georgia has looked rough in their last two matchups. But, if Georgia beats Florida, Auburn and A&M, I just better not hear the "I told you Georgia was my national championship team" hot take. That's all. 

With the remaining schedule, there's plenty of opportunities for Georgia to get back on track and climb back into playoff contention. I'm not saying it's going to happen, I'm saying throwing dirt on the grave of a Georgia football team that will be favored in every remaining matchup apart from a road visit to Auburn, isn't exactly a smart idea. 

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