SEC Commissioner, "You're Going to Have to Live Your Life in This Environment"

Brooks Austin

Over the last several weeks we've seen 35 NFL players opt-out of their NFL season, and this week, Virginia Tech's Caleb Farley was the first prominent college player to opt-out of the 2020 season. 

And based on an article published by the Washington Post he's not the only player concerned about playing under the current conditions this fall. 

According to the report, there was a conference call on Wednesday and the Washington Post obtained a recording of the meeting and there were several daunting comments from both sides of the aisle. 

During the conversation, one player asked an official, "If we were your kids, would y'all let us play?" And the response was, "One of my sons has played baseball for the last five, six weeks, and I can tell you, I have a couple of kids that have played soccer over the last four weeks. I don’t have great concerns about them contracting it during play.

“We can’t be 100 percent,” he went on. “We’re never going to be 100 percent.”

In the same vein, one official soothed the players by reassuring them there would 100 percent be positive cases and infections during the season. 

"There are going to be outbreaks. We are going to have cases on every single team in the SEC. That's a given. And we can't prevent it." 

One player from Ole Miss expressed his concerns about regular students returning to campus and their potential lack of concern for preventing the spread of the virus, to which officials responded by essentially telling them to lead by example by wearing their masks, being a role model, and encouraging others.

And then there's my favorite quote from the article: 

We don't know much, it could be bad for your heart though and we know there are going to be outbreaks at every single SEC school. Pretty assuring stuff for athletes everywhere throughout the conference. 

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