SEC Preseason Media Poll Released - Florida Picked over Georgia to win the East

Brooks Austin

The SEC Preseason Media Poll was released on Wednesday and Florida was the favorite to win the SEC East Division title for the first time since 2016 over the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Of the (96) voters, (53) of them selected Flordia to win the East with the other (43) going to Georgia. While Alabama is the clear favorite in the West, with 86 of the first-place votes, (8) for LSU, and (2) for Texas A&M. 

Here are the full results: 


  1. Florida (53) - 624
  2. Georgia (43) - 613
  3. Tennessee - 434
  4. Kentucky - 405
  5. South Carolina - 287
  6. Missouri - 224
  7. Vanderbilt - 101


  1. Alabama (86) - 660
  2. LSU (8) - 489
  3. Auburn - 488
  4. Texas A&M (2) - 454
  5. Ole Miss/Mississippi St. - 238
  6. Arkansas - 121



There's one thing for certain with the general media, Alabama is going to walk away with the West this season, and for good reason. They have one of the few returning starters at quarterback in Mac Jones believe it or not, with by far the most talented backup at the position in the country in Bryce Young, a loaded offensive line, great running back, and a duo of elite wide receivers paired with a defense that allowed just 18.6 PPG a year ago (good enough for 13th in the country). Oh, and they return two of arguably their best players — Dylan Moses, LaBryan Ray — who both had season ending injuries early on a year ago. 

LSU is recovering from nearly a dozen starters being drafted a year ago, five in the first round, including their Heisman winning quarterback. Then there's the  Bilenitikoff Award winning wide receiver that opted out for the season. 

As for Auburn, they lost five starters on the offensive line, two dominant defensive linemen in Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson, and five defensive backs. And A&M, who well... has been a "Kellon Mond taking the next step" season away for the last two years. 


Georgia has won the SEC East the last three seasons under Kirby Smart, and for the last three seasons, the SEC Media has picked Georgia to win the SEC East, and rather convincingly. This year however, the Florida Gator hype builds. The Kyle Trask train is leaving the station. 

And perhaps the unknown at the quarterback position at the University of Georgia is part of the skepticism towards Georgia making it four straight. But here's one thing you should know, In the last 14 matchups between Georgia and Florida, the team with the most rushing yards has won the contest. 

That's not likely to change in 2020 despite a new offensive coordinator in Athens. Georgia has the superior backs, Georgia has the superior defense against the run. Until proven otherwise, Georgia should be the favorite to win that football game. 

Therefore they favorite to win the SEC East. After all, the SEC East has been decided in Jacksonville for the last for the last five years, and 20 of the 28 years the SEC Championship has existed. 

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Comments (5)
No. 1-4

I think we embarrass FL in Jacksonville just like 2017! With the same ole preseason hype they always get along with Mullens mouth, I think Kirby unloads on them and our offense should be gelling by then. As long as Mullen and "3rd and Grantham" are there I'm not concerned about UF


I’d say it’s really more about the schedule situation. I’m a little nervous about auburn week 2 and at Bama week 4. If (and I hope not) we come out of the gate iffy on offense, we could be behind the eight ball before we even head to Jacksonville.

That said, I’m taking the points and Ole Miss Saturday. #LaneTrain #FuF

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams

Florida has definetly picked up some momentum in the media and Florida probably does appear like the safer pick considering the unknowns at quarterback for Georgia.

Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson

I think a lot of folks are making this pick blindly. To me, it seems like too many “experts” in the industry don’t even know enough about this Georgia team to make a legit prediction on this.