Georgia Football: Bulldogs Jump to Fourth Spot in Latest CFP Rankings

Brooks Austin

The latest CFP rankings have been announced, and the Georgia Bulldogs have received the fourth and final playoff spot.

Following a convincing, yet not extremely flashy, 27-0 victory over the Missouri Tigers the Bulldogs have found themselves right in the thick of things, and with an opportunity for a statement win this weekend against the Auburn Tigers. 

Here's the Top-6: 

  1. LSU Tigers
  2. OSU Buckeyes
  3. Clemson Tigers
  4. Georgia Bulldogs
  5. Alabama 
  6. Oregon Ducks

Certainly, some Georgia fans will look at the Week 12 rankings and say "It doesn't matter, just win out." To which I'd have to agree with for the most part, but if history has shown us anything, it's that Alabama finds its way into the College Football Playoff. 

And after years of Georgia's hopes and dreams being stampeded by the Crimson Tide, wouldn't it be nice for Georgia to knock them out of playoff contention with a win over LSU in the SEC Championship game? Because that's what it'd be, LSU and Georgia would most likely make it in with one loss, whoever survives the Big Ten, and Clemson. 

But if Georgia were to lose to LSU, Bama most likely sneaks their way in with one additional off week as they will probably watch the SEC championship from home for the second time in the last six seasons. 

Those are the two most likely possibilities in my opinion, though we've seen crazier things. Either way, with three regular-season games left including at Auburn this weekend, and home against A&M, then the SEC championship game leaves plenty for Georgia to think about. 

Penn State was the big loser of the week dropping 5 spots following the loss to Minnesota, who leaps up to seven after the home win. 

Kirby Smart and staff consider this stuff just more outside noise, things that they ignore.