Tim Tebow Talks Jake Fromm's Performance Prior to SEC Championship

Tim Tebow has built a relationship with Georgia QB, Jake Fromm and he spoke about Fromm's performance this season prior to the SEC championship.

Jake Fromm has received a lot of scrutiny this season for his performance. 

The Georgia quarterback has built a relationship with former Heisman Trophy winner and Florida QB legend, Tim Tebow during his time at UGA. 

We spoke with Tebow prior to the SEC Championship game and got his feelings on how Fromm has played this season: 

"I think it probably hasn't been the season that he's hoped for. I think that he's still doing things really well. He doesn't hurt his team. He's a great leader for his team and he doesn't miss a lot of open receivers." 

He went on to speak about Georgia's receivers having struggled with winning one on one battles on the outside: 

"When you go back and look at the film. When a team plays a lot of man to man, they are not winning their one on ones like some of these other teams are. And I will also say I don't necessarily think that they've schemed up to be able to set their guys up like Alabama or LSU with some of the calls as well and I think all of that plays into it." 

He went on to praise the offensive gameplan that offensive coordinator James Coley had in store for his alma mater in Florida. 

"I loved their approach against Florida in Jacksonville. I thought James Coley had some really good third-down gameplan plays in that game where they got people open and Jake was able to hit them. I think they are going to have to play a very similar game on Saturday." 

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