Pro Football Network lists their top NFL prospects from Georgia

Jonathan Williams

Since taking over the head coaching job at the University of Georgia, Kirby Smart has had a total of 21 players drafted into the NFL. Six of those were first-round picks and 10 total drafted within the first three rounds. Now entering his fifth year with Georgia, Coach Smart has a number of players that have the potential to play on Sundays. 

Pro Football Network in an article listed Georgia's top NFL prospects for the 2021 class.

Jordan Davis

Pro Football Newtork's Neal Driscoll, started the list off with junior nose tackle Jordan Davis. The 6 foot 6 inch 300-pound machine in the middle is an absolute force to be reckoned with and that's how Driscoll described him. "Davis constantly demands double teams and is extremely powerful. Traditionally, nose tackles do not get selected very high on draft day, but Davis has early Day 2 potential."  

Georgia has not had a defensive lineman drafted since 2013 but perhaps the former 3-star could break the dry spell for the Bulldogs. He may be overlooked now but with a great 2020 season, Davis could become a player that GM's just can't pass on. 

A source close to the program told Dawgs Daily on that Jordan Davis will go to the combine and "blow it up and go really high" in the NFL Draft. 


Eric Stokes

Cornerback Eric Stokes was the next player on the list. The redshirt junior has been an impressive asset for Coach Smart's defense ever since he stepped foot on the field. Georgia is loaded in the secondary and Stokes is a headlining player for that group of defensive backs. Driscoll thinks there are a few things Stokes could improve on but still sees him as an early-round draft pick. "He must improve his balls skills, but in a pass-happy NFL where cornerbacks are at a premium, Stokes could hear his name called in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft."

Monty Rice

The senior linebacker Monty Rice was another player to make the list. Rice does everything that a coach could ask out of a linebacker. He is great at plugging holes and stopping the run and has great range to chase down players from sideline to sideline. Driscoll described Rice as a "thumper, as he can really lay the lumber" and as a player that has great day two potential for the draft. 

Trey Hill

The list continues on with junior center Trey Hill. If there is one position that Georgia has excelled at producing in the NFL aside from linebacker it's offensive linemen. Hill is a great leader up front on offense and does a great job at keeping his quarterback's jersey clean. Driscoll believes if Hill were to declare he would be another potential day two draft pick. 

Pro Football Network's Tony Pauline went as far as to say that Trey Hill could develop into a first-round draft pick by years end. 


Best of the Best

Tyson Campbell

The last three players on the list are the ones that Pro Football Network believes to be the top 2021 prospects for Georgia. To no surprise, the list starts with Tyson Campbell. The junior cornerback has everything that an NFL team could want in a cornerback. Campbell has great size, speed, and length the only thing he has to prove is his consistency on the field. PFN put it as "He is a first-round talent who needs to develop into a first-round football player." If Campbell has a great 2020 campaign he will without a doubt be hearing his name early in the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Richard LeCounte

The next name is another player out of Georgia's secondary, Richard LeCounte. The senior safety could have declared for the draft last season but decided to come back for one more year. LeCounte is a great leader and is your do it all safety. He can match up with just about anyone in coverage, has great speed to cover the whole field, and is solid in helping stop the run game. PFN says that LeCounte is a top 50 player in the 2021 draft and will most likely hear his name called early on day two. 

Jamie Newman

Last but certainly not least in the new guy under center, Jamie Newman. There may not be a player in the nation who is feeling more pressure right now to have a stellar 2020 season than Newman. The graduate transfer is considered by many to be the fourth-best quarterback in the 2021 draft class but he will need to prove that worth this season. Newman touts a massive frame and is extremely athletic he just needs to prove to NFL GMs that he can throw the ball with accuracy and consistency. PFN thinks that just with his athleticism and playmaking ability that there isn't a scenario where Newman falls past day two of the draft but with a great 2020 season he could be selected on day one potentially. 

And there you have it, the top 2021 draft class prospects from Georgia according to PFN. There is a lot of draft day potential on the Georgia football roster right now but all of the names listed above still have things to improve upon. With a great 2020 season though, the 2021 NFL draft will be an exciting couple of days for Georgia football. 

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Brooks Austin
Brooks Austin


I understand Tyson Campbell’s ceiling, but I think Trey Hill’s is just as high.