Trent Dilfer Shares Thoughts on Georgia Football Commit, Brock Vandagriff

Brooks Austin

D.J. Shockley, Joe Cox, Matthew Stafford, Zach Mettenberg, Aarron Murray, Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm, Justin Fields, Carson Beck, and now Brock Vandagriff. 

The history of Georgia quarterbacks attending the Elite 11 is as long and talent-filled as any school in the country. In fact, no school has had as many commits win the event as Georgia's three — Matthew Stafford, Aaron Murray, and Justin Fields. 

The one person that's seen them all throw and coach them all up, Trent Dilfer, not only played in the NFL and won a super bowl, but has more knowledge about how Vandagriff stacks up with the rest of them than any other person. So, after the Elite 11 event, I caught up with Dilfer to get his thoughts on exactly that, as well as how he thought Brock performed throughout the week. 

Q: Brock took 12 pages worth of notes from the three-day event, what does it mean to have a player take that much from the camp? 

"Yeah, that's the most rewarding you know, as I've said before, it's we want to be, best in class football but we want the best in class football mental and want to be best in class soul development, we try to do all three equally well. You can't do without the incredible coaches, right? It's not like Brian and I are doing it all. So you bring the Craig Nalls, Jordan Palmer's, the Quincy Avery's the George Whitfield's, I mean, just the best guys in class and now you can really address a lot of the development of the player and it's rewarding when they embrace it, engage with the curriculum and take a lot away from it both in all three areas."

Q: What did you think about Vandagriff as a whole this week? 

"He's a special kid. You know, what I heard going in and what you see on the film is you know, he's a big body that has twitch, he's a really good athlete, was productive. And then you're around him. You go, Oh, Okay, I get it. He's Super mentally and physically tough. He's got a gear that a lot of guys don't have. He knows how to lock in and be laser focused. So there he was very impressive. From a competitive standpoint, I would call that competitive temperament his competitive temperament's very, very unique."

Where do you think he stacks up with the likes of Eason, Fromm, Fields, and Beck? 

"Well, Fields is one of the most talented kids we've ever coached. So in terms of his talent, I think he's probably gonna be the first or second pick of the draft so it's hard to compare people to Justin. (Pause) That's a good question... You know, Jake, Jake was a very, very gifted to passer of the football and he'll prove this in the NFL like he was just born to pass. Brock has some of that too, and also has the physical traits, you know, like the just the physical dominance, you know, he can beat you with his legs. He can beat you from in the pocket. He's got a more physical presence than Jake had. So I think the sky's the limit for Brock"

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