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Tyson Campbell battled a turf toe injury for the better part of the 2019 Georgia football season, now seemingly fully healthy Campbell will look to finish the season with a strong Sugar Bowl. 

Campbell spoke to the media today about replacing J.R. Reed, who will likely step up at the safety position and the challenges that the Baylor Bears present on offense. 

When asked how much of a challenge it will be to play without J.R. Reed, Campbell said: 

"It's no big difference. We are focused on the guys that are here. We still compete and practice the same way which is hard and physical. And we are just focused on the task at hand which is the Baylor Bears." 

Campbell was then asked when he found out that Reed wouldn't be available for the Sugar Bowl: 

"I found out maybe yesterday. But, I'm happy for him. He taught me a lot, he was a great leader for us. But right now, we've got a game to play." 

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Reed is OUT of the Sugar Bowl with a minor toe injury according to the statement he released on his Twitter account today. 

Campbell then spoke about who will likely step into J.R. Reed's role at safety.

"We have plenty of guys stepping in. Plenty of young guys, Lewis Cine, Chris Smith, Otis Reese. Plenty of guys that are here with us. Competing and practicing hard every day. Ready to come out and play in the Sugar Bowl and have a good performance." 

We then asked Campbell what kind of challenges that Baylor presents on the offensive end, Campbell said: 

"Baylor is a great team, a team that went 11-2 and had a great season. We are going to prepare for them just like any other team. Just keep practicing and watching film and hopefully it all works out." 

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