What College Football in the Spring Looks Like

The idea of the college football season taking place in the spring looks more and more likely considering the shaky ground we are on currently.
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The Ivy League's fall season is expected to be delayed today and even rumored to be pushed back to the spring entirely. This may seem like a premature decision, seeing as it's only July, but many will recall the Ivy League was the first major collegiate conference to take the exhaustive measures that we are under currently to prevent further spread of COVID-19. 

The idea of spring football has always been made up of 15 practices and a glorified scrimmage played in front of thousands of dedicated fans. Now, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there are thoughts of moving the football season as a whole to the spring. So, what does that ultimately look like for college programs like Georgia? 

That Jamie Newman experiment was fun

Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Jamie Newman, basically any player with NFL draft projections whatsoever will likely be out on any type of spring football season. Let's say the season starts in February or even January, a full college football season typically lasts from the start of September into January of the following year. That's five months of football, just in terms of games, that's not counting the 6 weeks of camp leading up to that first kickoff. 

You are potentially asking players who are looking towards the NFL to play a college football season that in the best-case scenario starts in January and ends in May. The NFL Combine is typically in February and the NFL Draft is at the end of April perennially. 

It's not just quarterbacks either. Most of your college football stars that are draft eligible and intend to enter their name in the pool will likely forgo any type of spring season. 

Year-round football 

Assuming this spring football thing is a real possibility. If the season ends in May, June, or even July, what do you do about the actual 2021 season that is supposed to start in September? Are you just supposed to ask college athletes to play 28 games, potentially 30 for the programs that play for the national title game, in a twelve-month span? 


Weather up North

Ever been to South Bend, Indiana in the middle of February? It's not exactly pleasant. Sure, it gets cold towards the end of the football season every year for most of these football schools, especially the Big 10, but the majority of the season is played in mild conditions. That's not going to be the case with a spring football season. 

There's a reason schools like Ohio State and Michigan don't' exactly host football recruits up to there school in the springtime. It's cold, it's windy, and there are ample amounts of snow on the ground. 

The state of Colorado can see up to two inches of snowfall in the month of May. There's going to be a considerable weather advantage for any school south of the Mason-Dixon line essentially. 

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