UGA Football: Will Georgia Wear Black Jerseys In The 2019 Season?

Brent Wilson

Georgia first broke out the black jerseys against Auburn in 2007. That turned out to be a 45-20 win for the Dawgs. 

Later that season, Georgia wore them in the Sugar Bowl versus Hawaii. Georgia went on to blow Hawaii out, 41-10.

Georgia tried the black jerseys again in the 2008 season against Alabama. Alabama went into halftime with a 31-0 lead that game and went on to win 41-30. This outcome pressed the pause button on the jerseys as we didn't see Georgia wear the black jerseys again until 2016 against Louisiana-Monroe. 

Former Bulldogs Jacob Eason & Nick Chubb

Recruits love wearing the black jerseys when visiting Georgia, and I know for a fact they would like to wear them in a game at Georgia.

Now, we're starting to see players encourage the black jerseys.

Jake Fromm, who right now could be argued as the "face" of UGA Football, told Brad Nessler, "I just want to wear them once."

So, when will see Georgia wear these jerseys?

With Georgia having one of the hardest schedules in 2019, there should be plenty of opportunities to wear the black jerseys. 

Many fans are calling for Georgia to break them out against Notre Dame to "fire" up the crowd. However, the nighttime match-up against Notre Dame should be enough to light the fans up.

I would think the safe bet would be to wear them against Missouri or Texas A&M if they choose to wear them in the 2019 season. Both games have the potential to be night games, and both opponents feature a top-tier QB. The black jerseys could give the fans and the players enough juice to avoid a "trap" game at home.

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I agree with Brooks, had Bama not come in and embarrassed us that year we'd still be rocking those beautiful things

Brooks Austin
Brooks Austin


I think it's safe to say that had Alabama not blown us out that night, the Black uni's would be an annual thing. Smh.