2021 UGA Recruiting: Exclusive Interview with 4-Star OT, Terrence Ferguson

Brooks Austin

It's still really early for the athletes of the 2021 class, with only 15 of the nation's top 100 players having committed. In fact, UGA has yet to take on its first official commitment in the 2021 class. But, that doesn't mean the Georgia staff isn't out on the hunt for what's next. (They've handed out 123 offers to date) 

And what most certainly could be the next addition for Georgia's "Great Wall" is Terrence Ferguson, or T.J. as he prefers. Ferguson is a long and strong offensive tackle from Peach County high school down in Fort Valley, Georgia. 

Blessed with god-given size and strength, what separates T.J. from the rest of this class, in my opinion, is he's the most technically sound tackle in the country, and it's something he takes pride in:

"I have seen a lot of prospects who are very strong, but their technique is maybe not quite all the way there. My coaches and I take pride in getting my technique right. So, when I get to the next level I can jump right in." 

And it jumps right off the screen when you see T.J. play. A concerted effort on every snap to have proper hand & feet placement. 

The other thing that pops is Ferguson's effort level on every snap. It's something that the coaching staff at Peach County has ingrained into T.J. and his teammates. Implementing a "loaf's" system, doing up-downs for every play that someone takes off.  

"It's instilled in me now. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I do it with maximum effort." 

So, effort level and work ethic are never going to be an issue with this young man and if you want further confirmation of such, this is a 6'5 junior in high school that will never play a snap at center for Peach County, yet since he knows that he might have to in college... he gets 50 to 100 snaps a day when he gets home. 

Ferguson's thoughts on Georgia: 

We asked him what his feelings were about the Georgia program. "I talk to Coach Pitt a decent amount, he's obviously a great coach and great recruiter. I feel like Georgia is on the rise, or they've been on the rise lately. And I feel like they are reaching their peak now." Ferguson said. 

He continued, "I also know they get offensive linemen to the league and that's one thing I'm looking at, and I know they can do it with a great coach like coach Pittman." 

When asked to give a couple of schools he could see himself playing for Ferguson said, "If I had to say right now, I haven't narrowed my list, and I will next summer, but the schools I'm talking to the most have to be UGA, South Carolina, and Alabama. So if I had to narrow it right now, that'd be the three schools." 

Again, it's still really early on in this class but he's certainly a target on Sam Pittman's radar and for good reason. 

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Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson

The o line will only continue to get better. You can’t teach size, but at the same time you can’t buy pure talent/technique. These guys are hard to come by.


Solid job on this article! Guy sounds like a really hard working football player. The kind that fit in well at UGA.