How Aggressively Will Georgia Recruit Running Backs for 2022?

Georgia football tends to sign two running backs in even years, so will that trend continue in the 2022 class?

Anyone that's followed Georgia football recruiting for the last decade, has likely noticed a pattern. The Bulldogs tend to sign two running backs every even-number year.

This pattern dates back to 2012 when Georgia signed Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. Georgia later signed Nick Chubb and Sony Michel in 2014; Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien in 2016; Zamir White and James Cook in 2018; and Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards in 2020. 

It's worth noting how serious Georgia was about signing a second back in 2020. Zach Evans originally signed with Georgia, before being released. Instead of settling with Milton, head coach Kirby Smart made a late-game push for Edwards.

Based on this pattern, Georgia will aggressively pursue and sign two running backs for next year's class. Will the pattern persist, or will it end?


Who would Georgia sign?

At the moment, there are only three prominent tailbacks on Georgia's radar: Branson Robinson, Tevin White and Jordan James. 

Robinson is a native of Germantown, Miss., and looks like he could play SEC football tomorrow thanks to his 5-foot-10, 220-pound frame. There's more to Robinson than just his build. He's one of the fastest running backs in the class and he runs with power. Robinson also shows superior vision and patience in the backfield.

White hails from Stafford, Va., and would need an offseason to add some mass and strength if he comes to Georgia. He has the skills to be Georgia's next third-down running back. He's fast, agile, and is a solid receiver at any position.

James is from Murfreesboro, Tenn. He's a powerful runner with good vision. James also needs to gain some size before becoming a part of Georgia's offense, but he doesn't appear to lack strength. He doesn't have outstanding speed, but he makes up for it by finding ways to slip through tackles.


Does Georgia need two more backs?

The Bulldogs expect to lose two running backs after this season. Cook is a senior and White is a redshirt junior. White surprised fans by choosing to return this year and both will have solid resumes heading into the 2022 NFL Draft.

After that, Georgia's future at the position isn't exactly cloudy. Milton and McIntosh have already flashed superstar potential. Milton is 6-foot-2 and 227 pounds, but he plays like a bigger running back and sprints like a smaller one. McIntosh is more than just an all-purpose, third-down back. He's a reliable runner between the tackles on every down.

After them is Edwards and Lovasea Carroll. Edwards looked great in the closer role last season. Carroll is a newcomer to Georgia's roster and we can properly judge his potential through the spring, but his high-school tape looks promising.

Barring something out of the ordinary, Milton, McIntosh, Edwards and Carroll will all be around in 2022. Any running back who joins the squad in the 2022 class is likely facing a redshirt season. 

However, it's important not to be too careful, especially in the SEC. The deepest teams are often the best, so Georgia may consider running back depth a priority.