Georgia Basketball: Exclusive Interview With 4-Star Signee, Josh Taylor

Brent Wilson

Josh Taylor was originally apart of the 2021 class, but decided to reclassify to 2020 when he committed to Georgia back in September. He then signed with the program in November.

Today, we recap the interview with the nation's 114th overall prospect.

What was the pitch from Tom Crean like, and how did the opportunity at UGA stand out over schools like Georgia Tech, Houston, LSU, and St. Johns?

"With Coach Tom Crean, I just thought when he talked about how he transformed Nic Claxton into an elite prospect, I just thought that would be the best fit for me. I thought I could just go (to Georgia), and I had the best opportunity to become an NBA prospect."

How did the recent NBA background with post players like Yante Maten and Nic Claxton, as well as the potential of future Top-3 pick, Anthony Edwards factor into your decision?

"I've had a few of my trainers, who I've been working with for the past 10-11 years. They went to Georgia, and had some success there. Coach Willie Anderson and Coach Dennis Williams, who I've been working with for almost all of my life, both had some success there. One of them went to the league, the other got drafted and ended up getting hurt. But, those are the people I look up to."

"When they talked about Georgia, it was amazing. At that time when they were talking about it (their careers), I didn't really think that I would actually end up at Georgia. With them telling me this stuff, I wanted to go and I wanted to be a part of it. I've always wanted to go to the league, and now I see it could possibly be a part of my future. Going to Georgia just made it an even better opportunity.

What would your pitch be to any recruit in the future who considers The University of Georgia?

"Go where your heart goes. Go where you're accepted and not tolerated is what my dad always tells me. The moment Georgia gave me the offer, it was like they were there, they really wanted me. They made it known that they wanted me while other colleges, I felt like they were tolerating me by giving me the offer. But, I feel like, with Georgia, the environment is amazing, the talent is amazing, Athens is an amazing place to be, the people are very nice, so I feel like Georgia is the spot to be if that's where you want to be."

What does having talented guys around you do for you as a player?

"I feel like having talented guys around you is just an even better opportunity to become a better team. I feel like people who understand what they need and what their end-goal is, and they share that end-goal with the people around them. That's all that really matters. We're together, and we got the opportunity to be champions."

How does Tom Crean's philosophy of uptempo, "position-less" basketball fit with your playing style?

"Well, I love to run. I've never been one to enjoy set plays, I love to get out and run where everyone is involved. Uptempo, position-less basketball is a perfect fit because I can just grab the rebound and go, or someone else can just grab the rebound and go and just make the play off of that, so I just feel like that's the best opportunity."

What is your vision for the long term future of Georgia basketball?

"I feel like Georgia will keep prospering, going up and up. Hopefully with me, how I envision it is they end up being one of the top three schools, like the Kentucky(s), and the Duke(s), hopefully they get up there and end up being like that. With the recruiting classes they keep bringing in, they keep bringing in great players into this great program, so I feel like the program is just going to keep prospering and keep turning into a better-off situation for more people."

Josh Taylor goes to an in-state juggernaut, Norcross High School, where current Bulldog forward, Rayshaun Hammonds graduated from in 2017. Taylor and the Blue Devils are off to an 11-0 start.