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Georgia Basketball: Exclusive interview with 2021 forward, Sean Durugordon

Georgia Basketball recently offerred, Sean Durugordon.He breaks down his recent virtual visit with the UGA staff.

Sean Durugordon is one of the names on the rise in the 2021 recruiting cycle. After receiving some attention from mid-major programs last summer and this spring, Durugordon is now getting interest from high major programs.

"It's been an absolute blessing to see the rise in my recruitment, seeing how all the work you've put in finally paying off. Knowing that all the challenges and obstacles you've went through had a greater meaning. I'm not really surprised about the high major schools that have started to recruit me because I've invested a lot of time to get to this point, but I am very grateful and thankful for the attention and notoriety for sure," said Durugordon.

Of course, the offers from big-time programs likely won't stop at just Penn State and Georgia. The New York native will still be able to gauge more D1 interest in his senior year with Putnam Science Academy. 

The Bulldogs hosted a virtual meet with Durugordon on Sunday, where they also offered him a scholarship.

"The Georgia staff is phenomenal. It was great talking with Coach Crean, Coach McClain, and Coach Linehan on my virtual meeting. Their pitch to me was that they can help me fulfill my dream of playing in the NBA, and how we can really take your game to the next level and allow you to reach your potential. And how they know that I'll be a perfect fit at Georgia both as a player and as a person and how if they didn't think I was a fit in those two categories that they wouldn't have offered me a scholarship."

It's clear that Tom Crean and his staff have the vision to win at The University of Georgia. How do you do that? You find guys that fit the culture, and that is exactly what the staff is doing by offering Durugordon.

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Like in the past, Crean has been able to sell a majority of recruits with his background of Dwayne Wade, Victor Oladipo, and now Anthony Edwards. That NBA background has played a large part in Durugordon's interest in Georgia.

"Coach Crean having coached many elite players like (Victor) Oladipo and Dwayne Wade means a lot. He went into depth on how he really developed their game and made them NBA players and how many flaws they had when they first came to his program. Coach Crean is really big on player development, and it shows in his past coaching experience, and that is one of the main goals: to have your game reach its potential and ceiling."

As for a decision timeline, Durugordon doesn't have anything specific. However, he does plan on visiting a few schools before he trims down his list.

"I'd say Georgia, Missouri, Penn State, DePaul, UConn, St. Johns, VCU, Vermont, and Hofstra are recruiting me the hardest at this stage. I definitely do plan on visiting some schools before I make a decision. I'm not sure when I want to make a commitment given this while coronavirus situation. I'd like to narrow my list sometime during this winter, though."

Georgia will have a minimum of three scholarships to allocate in the 2021 cycle. Expect the Bulldogs to push for Durugordon to fill one of those spots.

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