Brock Vandagriff Interview Prior to Elite 11


2021 Georgia commit and 5-Star quarterback Brock Vandagriff is all set to compete in the Elite 11 quarterback competition finals this week in Nashville, Tennessee. Before the future Bulldog took to the turf to compete, he joined Dawgs Daily on Editor and SI All-American analyst Brooks Austin for a live interview over on the SI All-American Instagram. A transcript of the interview is below.

Brooks Austin: So Brock you got some of your guys (receivers) coming with you, I know Logan Johnson is on his way, already here. So you have some familiarity with some receivers.

Brock Vandagriff: Yes sir, Logan is already here. We are sharing a room and ready to get it after.

Brooks Austin: How has the prep been for this? I know it's been a little bit different. You actually did a video for the tryout for the Elite 11. How's that been?

Brock Vandagriff: It was pretty good. We threw with Coach Veal and my dad and a couple of receivers. They had a script we had to go through. I think we got it on the second try so it was pretty smooth, no complaints.

Brooks Austin: Obviously COVID-19 has effected everyone in different way. How have you gone about making sure you're physically prepared for something like this. Not only this event, but also your senior season coming up at Prince Avenue.

Brock Vandagriff: The main thing would be just working out during the whole quarantine. Getting up every morning and making sure I stay in shape. Whether that be running, throwing, or physically lifting. Just making sure I do one of those at least every day and also holding my teammates accountable, making sure Prince is in the best shape we can be in this fall.

Brooks Austin: I think some people are going to be kind of surprised at how much physical development you've gone through in just the past year. What's your height and weight right about now Brock?

Brock Vandagriff: We just weighed in at the Elite 11 and I was 6'3" 205.

Brooks Austin: 6'3" 205. So that's pretty big. Did you get to see any of the other guys that physically are compared up with?

Brock Vandagriff: Oh, I don't know. I was in one of the last check out groups, so I think it was in alphabetical order. I was in there with Caleb (Williams), and we looked the same. He might be a little bit thicker than me. Everyone else was looking good and glad to see everyone eye to eye.

Brooks Austin: So this is a pretty in-depth experience here with the Elite 11. You guys got sent a playbook a couple weeks back. There some stuff you have to study up on. You're not just coming out here to throw in a t-shirt and some shorts and run a 40. What's the experience been like so far and how well have you picked up that playbook?

Brock Vandagriff: It's a pretty lengthy playbook. My dad and I were talking about it and we said the main the thing we needed to try and do was learn the order of the reads. We took the playbook and we compared it to plays in our offense, so we made things a little easier for me there. I didn't try to memorize it but I tried to make myself familiar with the plays and have a good knowledge of where most of my reads are on the plays and where my check-down is in all of them. So I'm ready to see how that's going to take place on the field.

Brooks Austin: What are you most looking forward to this week in the Elite 11? We have 3 days starting here in a couple hours with the first workout. What are you most looking forward to about being here?

Brock Vandagriff: I'm probably just looking forward to the coaching. That's the main thing. Just trying to take as much as I can from all of these guys. I think some of our camp counselors are, I think Justin Fields is one and maybe Jamie Newman was another. I didn't really see who all was there but definitely from some of the college guys and coaches some of the coaches they played in the NFL. So I'm going to take in as much as I can.

Brooks Austin: So I don't know if you know this Brock, but this is the fifth year in a row that Georgia has had a commit competing in the Elite 11. You already mentioned his name, Justin Fields is the only one of those five that has come away with the MVP award. What do you feel like you've got to do this week to come away with the MVP award?

Brock Vandagriff: I would say just play my normal game. Me just being myself is enough to win it hopefully. In the end, just looking to learn as much as I can and make some relationships that will probably last the rest of my life.

Brooks Austin: There is some forecast for rain this week. You worried about any type of play in the elements? I know you've got some big hands, but holding on to that football is going to be pretty important this week if that rain does come down. Any prep that you've done that makes you think you might be more prepared than others for some rain if that were to occur.

Brock Vandagriff: I don't know if I'm more prepared that the others. But, it rained some Friday nights last year and it'll rain some Friday nights this year, so you gotta be prepared for it.

Brooks Austin: So Prince Avenue, going to be a pretty good football team this year in the Single A classification in the state of Georgia. What are you most looking forward to in your final season of high school football Brock?

Brock Vandagriff: Definitely looking forward to our second game. That's going to be against Rabun and be on ESPN. Our week four game we are flying to Dallas and are playing a game there. Looking forward to that and I think if we can stay healthy in those and the first half of the season we've got a pretty good shot at a State Championship.