Georgia Recruiting: 4-star WR, Jayden Thomas Updates Recruitment

Top recruiting target, Jayden Thomas has updated his recruitment in an interview with Dawgs Daily. He walks through the relationship with the Georgia staff.
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Jayden Thomas is an SI All-American candidate for the class of 2021. He's a 6'2, 195-pound wide receiver from Pace Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. His position coach at Pace is a guy by the name of Terrence Edwards, perhaps you've heard of him. 

We caught up with Thomas to update his recruitment, the last we'd been told back in February was Thomas' narrowing his list to a Top-11. Since then, a few schools are recruiting him a bit harder than the rest. 

"Yea, Arkansas is up there. Notre Dame, Michigan, the hometown of Georgia, Ohio State, Bama. Yea, I really hear from all of them the most." 

He's not just one of the nation's top wide receivers either, Thomas can play a bit of baseball as well, to the tune of an all-state selection last season. 

"I've been playing since I was four-years-old. It was actually my first love in sports and yea I've been playing ever since." 

As far as the relationship that Thomas' has developed with the Georgia coaching staff, he's gotten extremely comfortable with Coach Hankton over the last two years. 

"Coach Hankton, first off, he's just a family-first guy. That's what I love about him. He's just so down to earth, off the field. And I can just remember the first time I met him, I think it was the UMass game, where I got the offer. And he's just a great personality guy. He wants the best for his players on and off the field. And he just wants you to know that he can be there for your players. And this our relationship over the past two years has just gone like tremendously."


Hankton isn't the only coach that Thomas has gotten to know as of late, Coach Monken has also reached out to him since arriving in Athens: 

"Oh yeah, he had hit me up. Maybe like a few weeks ago for the first time just introducing himself to me. We got on the phone chopped it up. Just like that NFL mindset that he's coming from a religious she said, it's gonna translate to the new offensive, I don't know the bomb or any moves player like me."

Georgia's not the only school recruiting him though either, and he's not really worried about having to go away from home either: 

"It's not a proximity thin because I just want that home vibe there. So like whether it's Georgia or all the way up there in Michigan, whoever that home vibe is, that's where I wanna be."

As for which schools will be getting Thomas' visits when things return back to normal, Arkansas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia, and Alabama will likely be the schools. 

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