UGA Recruiting: An Update on the Huge Weekend in Athens.

Brooks Austin

We have already covered how vital this weekend is for the 2020 recruiting cycle for those players yet to commit to Georgia. This is the final unofficial visit for a lot of players before they ultimately decide which teams get their official visits. 

With that being said, we are going to focus primarily on the players that were in town that haven't committed yet. The biggest targets remaining. 

Jordan Burch: 

The nation's number one overall player out of Columbia, South Carolina was in town this weekend and we are being told that Georgia is currently in the lead for his services. 

Clemson and South Carolina are absolutely in the mix for Burch, so it's far from a done deal, but Georgia has a few things in their favor. Burch reportedly will only leave the state of South Carolina for Georgia. So that leaves it down to a three-team race with one of those teams (South Carolina) lined up for a 5-7, or 7-5 at best, season.

Kelee Ringo: 

Kelee Ringo has been a top target on Georgia's radar for a while now, and for good reason. The nation's top cornerback recently received a crystal ball prediction from an Arizona insider. 

#1 Overall Running back Zach Evans is set to be in town this weekend. 

Zachary Evans: 

Evans was kind of a surprise addition to the list of athletes in town for an unofficial visit, or at least to me he was. Even though he's still uncommitted, we haven't heard much about his recruitment to Georgia in a while. 

It's actually been reported that LSU is making a late surge in the Houston back's recruitment and Bama has been in the lead seemingly for a while. Official visits will be crucial in this race. 

Darnell Washington: 

Washington was not only in Athens this weekend, he seemed to be making his way around the southeast, having been in Knoxville and Miami visiting both schools. 

Washington, though listed as an Athlete on all recruiting sites, is looking to be a tight end at the next level, and he's obviously looking for a school that gives the tight end a heavy workload. 

Sedrick Van Pran: 

We will have an exclusive interview with Van Pran from our very own Brent Wilson soon, but in the meantime, it's safe to say Georgia can be considered the favorite for the nation's #3 ranked center. 

Though he is going to be called upon to do much more than play center at Georgia. Sam Pittman has told Van Pran that he believes he could play all five positions for Georgia. We will have more soon. 

Other rumors coming out of this weekend: 

-Justin Flowe is leaning towards Clemson though Georgia will most likely get a visit. It seems to be between Clemson and USC at this point. 

-Arik Gilbert is considered to be all Georgia all the way at this point in the process despite Tennessee expressing heavy interest. 

-With Flowe leaning Clemson, Georgia will hone in on Noah Sewell. 

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Brent Wilson
Brent Wilson

This is going to be A LOT of fun.


Well now, this will be a fun one to watch. I absolutely love a fan base that’s riding high. That fall is always a thing of beauty. Walk softly and carry a big stick Kirby.


Speaking of homers 🤣


Georgia lead for Burch? That's some very optimistic thinking for sure. Per usual Georgia homers telling other Georgia homers they lead for prospects that said prospect has told not a soul which team is in the lead. There is a reason no one knows much about where Burch is leaning, BECAUSE HE DOESN'T TELL ANYONE!!!! Yet Georgia homer tells Georgia homer Georgia leads, who would have thunk it. The greatest team to never win anything. Burch has been infatuated with Clemson for awhile and not only that is good friends with Xavier Thomas and has looked up to XT for years. Trust me when I tell you this, Jordan Burch is not playing out of the state of South Carolina. Momma wants him in-state he'll be playing in state but go on thinking you lead though.