WATCH: Justin and Phillip Benton Discuss Their Family Legacy and More

Dawgs Daily on got the opportunity to interview Justin and Phillip Benton. The former Bulldog and highly coveted son discussed many topics, including Georgia Football.
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Justin Benton is already in his own right a star prospect in the class of 2023. However, with each passing day, the talented defensive end for Newton High School is growing more aware and more appreciative of the legacy of his Father, Phillip Benton. 

Like Justin, Phillip starred at Newton as just a freshman and of course Phillip Benton would go on to be a Letterman at the University of Georgia. Having already matched his Father in terms of role for Newton as a freshman, Georgia faithful are hoping that Justin's similarities with his Father don't stop there.

Both Father and Son acknowledge that things are different when it comes to Justin and his recruitment. Phillip Benton was 6'2" 245 when he signed with Georgia. Justin Benton is 6'3" 245 entering into his sophomore year of high school. Also, the recruiting process for Justin has started so much earlier than it did for Phillip. The family is taking everything in stride and doing their best to enjoy the process. Justin has every major program in the country coming after his already it seems, none the least being the home state, and alma mater of his Father, Georgia Bulldogs.

Dawgs Daily on was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with the the Benton duo and discuss a wide range of topics from COVID-19, to recruiting, to aerospace engineering and riding a bicycle to work outs. We hope you enjoy watching the full length interview.

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