Betting on Attendance: Vegas Odds Set For College Football

Ashley Barnett

Las Vegas oddsmakers have bets on everything. Just look at their site on the day of the Super Bowl and you can find bets on the length of the Star Spangled Banner, to what song will be played at halftime. It is no different for college football. This week, released the over/under on college football attendance for the 2020 season. The oddsmakers have put it at 13.62 million, or roughly a 63% decrease from the previous year.

They also broke down the odds by conference, with the ACC having odds right around the median

1. SEC: 32,725 - 55% decline (2019: 72,723)
2. Notre Dame: 28,989 - 62% decline (2019: 76,288)
3. Big Ten: 26,676 - 59% decline (2019: 65,065)
4. ACC: 20,261 - 58% decline (2019: 48,243)
5. Big 12: 27,009 - 53% decline (2019: 57,467)
6. Pac-12: 11,980 - 74% decline (2019: 57,467)

Now let's talk about Georgia Tech. Given that the oddsmakers put a 58% decline for the ACC, Bobby Dodd Stadium holds 55,000. Last season, using, the Yellow Jackets averaged 45,237 in attendance. A 58% decline of that would be 18,999 tickets average for the season. Given the rules on social distancing, masks and large groups, would this even be feasible?

Georgia Tech has yet to announce what they are doing in terms of fans this season at Bobby Dodd Stadium. There is still two months to go between now and kickoff against Clemson on September 3rd, and a lot could happen.

If you were a betting person would you go over/under on this bet?

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