Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Geoff Collins Leads by Example

For Georgia Tech head football coach Geoff Collins, using his platform to voice dismay to George Floyd's death and racism across America, was a stepping stone for other coaches to follow suit.
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The death of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man, by the hands of a Minneapolis, Minn. cop has sparked an outrage across the nation. Protests have erupted across America and many people have used social media to speak out on the incident. 

For Georgia Tech head football coach Geoff Collins, using his platform to voice dismay to racism and police brutality was a significant step in the Black Lives Matter movement. Collins was one of the first coaches from a Power 5 Program to speak on the issue when he tweeted his solidarity for the movement against racial injustice on Friday.  

On Sunday, Collins joined Atlanta based sports radio station, 92.9 the Game, to further voice his stance. 

"I love my guys, I love being a college football coach, the relationships that I've built throughout my coaching career and even my playing career," Collins told Samuel Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson on air. "Supersede race, color, creed, anything like that, is just man coming together, forming bonds that will last a lifetime based on character, respect and love, and all of those things...

"It was just on my heart, really all week, as I watched the news and saw what was happening in this country. It's one thing for me to eternally tell the guys how much I love them, being in constant contact with them on text messages and zoom. All of those things are important and we do those. It was just on my heart that I needed to be some small voice to speak to what I was feeling in my heart... The guys that I coach and coach with know how much I love them and respect them. They know I’m there for them in every situation.”

Collins' voice was a domino effect of many other college coaches, of several sports, to publicly call for justice for Floyd and the African American community. From Michigan, Notre Dame, South Carolina to Arizona, head basketball and football coaches joined in on the discussion. By Sunday night, numerous athletic departments and teams turned to Twitter to condemn racism. Student-athletes, of all races, have also since spoken out on the ongoing social issues. 

In a conversation that many might find uncomfortable, Collins chose not to remain quiet, but to lead by example. 

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