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Here's What Mike Woodson Told Don Fischer on Facebook Live Tuesday Night

New Indiana basketball coach Mike Woodson sat down for a Facebook Live chat with radio voice Don Fischer on Tuesday night. "It's a dream come true and I've excited to be back,'' Woodson said.
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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – New Indiana basketball coach Mike Woodson sat down with legendary radio voice Don Fischer for a Facebook Live chat. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

– on coming home to Indiana

"It is a major decision. I think I've accomplished pretty much everything I've ever wanted to accomplish it basketball, and this is the final straw for me. To be able to circle back is huge for me. It's just unbelievable. It's a dream come true and I've excited to be back.''

– on coaching in the NBA

"When I started in Atlanta, I was just coming off winning and NBA title in Detroit with the legendary coach Larry. Our defense, we were No. 1 that year in every defensive stat. I took that same defensive philosophy in Atlanta. Everybody was crying about playing pick-and-rolls, and I got guys who were rangy and athletic and we could switch everything. I caught hell for that, because no one was switching like that. Now, everybody switches everything. I'm not saying I'm ahead of myself, but defensively that's something that was kind of a signature for me.''

– on building a team

"The biggest thing is these kids that went in the portal. Are they going to stay or leave. I've slotted time to talk them and I'll talk to the parents as well. Before I can even think about putting players on the floor, I've got to get a team. If some decided to leave, then I need to go in that portal and get some players too. ''

– on Trayce Jackson-Davis staying

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"When I look at the big fella Davis, he's had a tremendous Big Ten career. The kid averaged 20 points in the Big Ten. That's big time. He has to be able to use his other hand. I'm going to beg for him to stay with me, because I think I can help him develop and get to the next level. .And there's no question he would help our program.''

– on Thad Matta joining the staff

"I have no ego in terms of information, and I think it should be that way. It's good to share information, especially with brilliant minds. Thad has a great basketball background and a track record and I know that can help me in moving up the road in terms of trying to build this team. It's great that Scott did  that. I don't think too many colleges are doing that.''

– on player development

"You see these great players and they come back a year later and you see how much they improved. That's what you have to teach young kids, it's about how what you do in the gym to develop and become a good player.''

– on the Big Ten 

'I'll go back and watch all the coaches and their teams and watch how their teams play, and how we can compete against that talent and those coaches in the Big Ten. It's what counts.''

Watch the entire interview

You can watch the entire Facebook live interview between Don Fischer and Mike Woodson here. CLICK HERE