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Twitter Poll: 72% of Indiana Fans Say 'Let's Go Watch Some Games'

The vast majority of fans in our recent social media poll say they are more than willing to sit in the stands at Memorial Stadium or Assembly this season, despite the remnants of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Polls on social media are incredibly unscientific, but they're still fun and the results give us a nice little snapshot on what fans are thinking, even if that picture is a bit blurry in the purest sense.

But over the weekend, I asked a simple question on social media, first on Twitter and then on Facebook. If there are no restrictions on fans attending Indiana football and basketball games this season, would you go? I gave three choices to consider as the COVID-19 pandemic hovers over us. They were: 

  1. Yes, I'll attend games
  2. No, the virus is still too scary
  3. Still in wait-and-see mode

After more than 1,200 votes on various sites, the results are in and Indiana fans overwhelmingly said they are more than willing to sit in Memorial Stadium and Simon Skojdt Assembly Hall this season to watch their Hoosiers. Just over 72 percent said they would attend games, 7 percent said they wouldn't and 21 percent sad it's still too soon to tell if it would be safe or not.

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There were plenty of great comments on all three choices, which was no surprise considering how astute this Indiana fan base is. 

The case to attend games (72%)

  • "Absolutely. Life lived in fear is not living. Living comes with many risks. As they say in the Shank, get busy living or get busy dying.''
  • "Carefully, but yes.''
  • "Heck yes, because this was all overblown.” 
  • "Yes I will, I'm 69 years old and if I catch something and die, it was my turn to go , I Hoosiers too much to throw in the towel.''
  • "I would be there in heartbeat.''
  • "I have had season tickets for 25 years and can’t wait.''
  • "Absolutely. We have to move forward.''

The case to stay home (7%)

  • "That would be utterly ridiculous. Do people understand how COVID can lead to life-long health problems even in young people? It is not "just the flu," and precautions must be taken until we have an effective vaccine.''
  • "To be honest, I don't attend too many games, but if I did, I don't think its worth dying for.''
  • "No I am a Senior. Love the game, but I will watch from my home. I want to watch my grandkids grow up.

The case to wait and see (21%)

  • "I want to wait to see how the summer goes before making a decision. With more things opening up, I worry about a spike.''
  • "I'm not sure at this point, but I do not need to get the 19!! I'll just wait and see.''
  • "They need to make people wear a mask before entering the building (sell them one) give them one with their season ticket purchase and use open spaces up top to spread people apart. Workers need them on too! Even the players, ha ha! Keep the students away from us as much as possible.''