Resumé Watch: Some Wins and Losses Begin To Fade

Iowa's Cordell Pemsl (front), Luka Garza (55) and Austin Ash greet fans before last Thursday's game against Ohio State. (Jeffrey Becker/USA Today Sports)

John Bohnenkamp

Iowa didn't play over the weekend, but lost a Quadrant 1 win in the NCAA's NET formula used by the men's basketball selection committee.

Iowa State's 30-point loss to Texas Tech at home on Saturday knocked the Cyclones down to 85th in the NET, which turned Iowa's 84-68 win over the Cyclones in Ames on Dec. 12 from a Quad-1 to a Quad-2 win.

Iowa is now 7-6 in Quad-1 games and 5-1 in Quad-2 games.

One of Iowa's losses is still a Quad-2 defeat — the 93-78 loss to DePaul on Nov. 11. DePaul is at 72 in the NET, but a drop of four spots or more could drop that defeat to a Quad-3. Iowa already has one Quad-3 loss this season — the 76-70 defeat at Nebraska on Jan. 7.

Iowa is at 27 in the NET heading into this week's games at Michigan State (13 NET) and at home against Penn State (25 NET). Both are Quad-1 games.

Breaking down Iowa's resumé:

The records

Overall: 19-8

Nonconference: 9-2

Big Ten: 10-6

Home: 13-1

Road: 4-5

Neutral: 2-2

Nonconference home: 5-1

Nonconference away: 2-0

Nonconference neutral: 2-1

Quadrant 1: 7-6 (2-1 nonconference)

Quadrant 2: 5-1 (2-1 nonconference)

Quadrant 3: 2-1 (1-0 nonconference)

Quadrant 4: 5-0 (4-0 nonconference)

The analytics

NET: 27

BPI: 24

KenPom: 22

Sagarin: 22

Overall strength of schedule: 91

Nonconference strength of schedule: 217

Average NET win: 113

Average NET loss: 51

Upcoming games

Quadrant 1 — At Michigan State (13 NET, Feb. 25), Penn State (25 NET, Feb. 29), at Illinois (35 NET, March 8).

Quadrant 2 — Purdue (36 NET, March 3)