The Husch Blackwell Report: A Look At The Numbers

John Bohnenkamp

The release of the report of the independent review of Iowa's football program by Kansas City, Mo., law firm Husch Blackwell on Thursday was a comprehensive look into the allegations of racial disparities in the program.

A look at the numbers in the review:

• 111 individuals were interviewed for the review. It included 45 current and 29 former members of the football team and 36 current and former employees.

• 52 percent of the individuals interviewed were Black, 42 percent were white.

A look at the breakdown of race of those interviewed:

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 1.43.19 PM
Chart provided by Husch Blackwell

Asked why a majority of the players interviewed were current players, and why more former players weren't interviewed, Iowa athletics director Gary Barta said, "So I don't know if it was by design or not. Remember, an independent review truly is an independent review, so they came up with a strategy. What I've read is what you've read, that they interviewed about I think it was 111.

"I do know this — I know that they offered to meet with every current student-athlete. I didn't ask why that strategy, but it makes sense to me because people currently living in the environment wanting to give that group the most opportunity. I don't know exactly how they selected the former players. I do know they've said it in the report that they were reviewing a lot of the social media, and then every time they spoke to somebody, I was told they asked is there anybody else we should talk to."