Iowa Reports 5 Additional Positive COVID-19 Tests

John Bohnenkamp

Five additional positive COVID-19 results have been reported in testing by the Iowa athletic department, bringing the number of positive tests since the campus and facilities reopened to 17.

The tests were conducted between June 22-28 of athletes, staff and coaches. The statement from the university did not specify how many tests among those groups were positive.

Iowa has had 391 negative tests since testing began on May 29 when the athletic department and the university began its reopening process.

The university's protocols if there is a positive test include contact tracing, isolation for the individuals who test positive, and quarantine for those who might have been exposed to someone with the virus.

Iowa athletics director Gary Barta said in a video conference with the media last month that it was likely that there would be athletes, coaches or staff who would test positive for the virus.

"It's not a matter of if someone gets the virus," Barta said. "It's a matter of when. And the answer is ... and please, I’ll present this in a way, and when it comes out, I hope it comes out the right way … if one person were to get sick, and we were to shut down, we might as well not open up.

“And let me just explain myself. We expect that there will be students on this campus, there will be staff on this campus, who will get the virus. We will have medical plans on the treatment of those students, or those faculty (members), or those staff, just like the community has. And we will manage it with contact tracing, making sure that we’re aware of where that person was, and then going through a protocol to return. That’s the way it’s going to be approached — not if, but when someone gets the virus, student or staff, having a plan in place.”