Wednesday Clicks: Assistant Coaches Steal The Show

John Bohnenkamp

There isn't going to be any spring football practices at Iowa, so we won't get to hear from the Hawkeye assistant coaches in weekly media availabilities.

But we're getting to see them on Twitter videos.

Monday's video was of quarterbacks coach Ken O'Keefe, who looked like he could be the perfect documentary host.

Tuesday's video was a two-parter with offensive line coach Tim Polasek.

There was also this fun moment with running backs coach Derrick Foster.

It's a creative way for fans to get to know the assistant coaches that we usually don't get to hear much from during the season. And at this time, fans are going to take anything they can get when it comes to football.

Bulaga's message

Former Hawkeye offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga has a new NFL home after signing with the Los Angeles Chargers last month.

Bulaga record a quick message on Tuesday.

David helps caddies

In a time of global crisis athletes and celebrities alike have steeped up to help those in need, Larry David is no different.

David, creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-creator of Seinfeld, has created a GoFundMe for golf caddies, who have lost income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The fundraiser is meant to aid employees of the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif., and was started by David and media executive Lloyd Braun.

The fundraiser has already received over $111,000 in donations to date, making it seem likely that David will reach his target goal.

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"Again with the Lloyd Braun..." I laughed when I saw the name because I thought of the Seinfeld episodes.