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College Gameday did not pick Kansas, and the internet is mad.

There was a lot of anticipation for the ESPN show to make its first ever appearance in Lawrence this week, but the Gameday had other ideas.
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After Kansas beat Houston and Duke beat North Carolina A&T to both remain undefeated, the internet was salivating at the opportunity to see the iconic ESPN College Gameday show set up shop in Lawrence, KS this week. Unfortunately, ESPN decided to go a different direction.

The internet was not amused.

The Reddit CFB account broke out an iconic Kansas meme to mourn the news:

Even West Virginia fans are sad:

Jordan @JordanWVU07

What a lame call, when literally everyone in the CFB world was asking you to go to Kansas . Is this a show for the fans or nah ?

A Boise State/Appalachian State fan got spicy with his reply:

Appalach-Ian @IanCraft11

Is this the worst decision college gameday has made since extending Lee Corso’s contract?

This Cincinnati fan makes a good point:

Rob Bentley @Rob_Bentley7

What a terrible decision. Duke/Kansas was the one correct choice.

TCU fans joined in:

clnbrns @clnbrns

Horrible. Go to Lawrence.

There are even some Tennessee fans who agree that this was a terrible decision:

KIRK COUZYNS MVP SZN (1-0) @MikeRoedick69

As an honest Vols fan, I am extremely disappointed in this decision. College Gameday isn’t what it used to be, and them choosing Knoxville over Lawerence is just a continuation of this downward spiral. The College Gameday crew is full of cowards.

And even if Kansas wasn't the pick, there were plenty of options better that this one:

Jay Tust @KTVBSportsGuy

There were so many good/more unique options this week!

• Corvallis: #7 USC (3-0) at OSU (3-0)

• Pullman: #25 Oregon (2-1) at WSU (3-0)

• Lawrence: Duke (3-0) at KU (3-0)

• Winston-Salem: #5 Clemson at #24 Wake

And finally, I'm not sure what Mitch is trying to say here, but I wholeheartedly agree.

Mitch Lightfoot @Mitchlightfoot

If you’re scared, get a dog

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