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Kansas Baseball Dominates Cincinnati In Game One

The Kansas Jayhawks start conference play on the road off right with a great opening showcase
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The Kansas Jayhawks and the Cincinnati Bearcats kickstarted their series on Friday as the Kansas Jayhawks defeated Cincinnati by a score of 14-4.

Both pitchers got started fairly well as they both got through the first inning with limited damage.

Seth Logue battled some adversity with the Bearcats as he had two on in the top of the second inning. One at third and one at second when Chase Diggins had a two-RBI double. Logue got out the second inning but the damage was already done to give the Jayhawks a 2-0 lead.

Jayhawks 2-0

Reese Dutton gave up a few hits and a balk in the second however that wasn’t enough to faze the talented Jayhawks pitcher. Despite the bases being loaded the Jayhawks didn’t give up a single run in the inning. This wasn’t the best inning for Dutton but he strands three on to complete the inning and to keep the Bearcats scoreless.

Logue was looking for a bounce-back inning and he definitely produced one in the third. Despite giving up a one-out walk the Cincinnati Bearcats pitcher got through the inning with little to no damage.

Diggins had another RBI hit after he doubled to bring in another run. Diggins also scored a run as John Nett had a beautiful double. They had another run get driven in after a hit from Kodey Shojinaga.

Logue was then pulled from the game.

5-0 Jayhawks.

Brenden Garula came into a one out one on situation.

He got the Bearcats out of the inning but not before giving up another run.

6-0 Jayhawks.

The Cincinnati Bearcats finally got on the board. But that also didn’t mean much as the Jayhawks also scored again to counter-punch the Bearcats.

7-1 Jayhawks.

Dutton was continuing to have a great day. Only had two walks but four strikeouts as he only gave up one run. He pitched five complete innings.

Shawn Parnell was the pitcher of choice for the Bearcats. He was pulled quickly after loading bases. Bradley Coulter came in to replace Parnell.

Kansas had another great inning to extend their lead to 12-1 in favor of Kansas. The Jayhawks were beating down the Bearcats.

12-1 Jayhawks.

Dutton had his worst inning as he gave up three runs and hit two batters. He finished his game out as he completed the inning but it took him to 101 pitches.

12-4 Jayhawks.

Hunter Cashero replaced Dutton. Cashero played well to be replacing a fatigued Dutton.

Cincinnati started to put a bit of a run together as they had the bases loaded with two outs. A beautiful play at the second base got the Jayhawks out of the eighth inning with no scores.

12-4 Jayhawks.

In the final batting half inning for KU, they scored twice.

Jayhawks 14-4

J’Briell Easley got his first outing of the season in the ninth inning.

The Jayhawks won game one and they will now turn their focus to attempt to win the series in the Saturday game at 2:00 pm ET.

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