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Prospect Breakdown: Bryce Lewis

The talented athlete showed a lot in his recruiting film.
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Kansas has been frequently targeting a certain D1 school’s committed athlete and has been trying its hardest to get him on the path to Kansas.

Bryce Lewis is a 6-foot-6 200-pound athlete from Blessed Trinity Catholic High School in Roswell, Georgia who is currently already committed since 2023. He is a 2025 prospect who is committed to the Arizona Wildcats.

He has spoken with Blue Wings Rising already about his interest in the Kansas Jayhawks as well as their interest in him. “It was great to get the Kansas offer,” Lewis stated to Blue Wings Rising. “Knowing how well Kansas has been doing these past few seasons, it was really an honor.” 

Following our conversation I did a deep film research on him as a prospect and put together some notes for the Blue Wings Rising viewers and supporters.


  • Size: Without even watching the tape his size sticks out. 6’6 before even playing his senior season. This reminds me a bit of a Kyler Kasper type of build and that’s a huge plus for anyone who can land and keep this talented athlete.
  • Double-Move: He has a great double-move route running skill set which you don’t always see from a bigger frame guy like Lewis.
  • Tight End Up-side: I personally believe he has the highest ceiling at the Tight End position. I believe there are a bunch of mismatches you can see if Lewis can play tight end.
  • Versatile: He can slide inside if needed considering he is a tight end frame but he can also slide outside which could create great blocking packages and flexibility to make plays downfield and across the middle.

Areas To Improve:

  • Add Weight: As time goes he will add to his frame I assume. He has the height but he would be very undersized at the tight end position. I believe he should definitely attempt to put some more weight on it.
  • Blocking: If he could work on his blocking it would make me feel more comfortable to call him a complete prospect. He isn’t a bad blocker but that’s something I’d like to see him improve on ESPECIALLY at the line of scrimmage.

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