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Wesley Iwundu has season high while McGruder has a tough week.

The NBA guys are doing their thing while the G-League guys look ready to get up there.

Wes has really startedto get more playing time off the bench for the Magic. Last night he had 7 points in a game against the Raptors. Rod on the other hand struggled in the last 3 games, shooting only 20%.

The G-League guys have been getting things done as well as the prepare to make their way to the NBA. Barry Brown Jr. is averaging 8.4 ppg for the Iowa Wolves. Dean Wade is averaging 14.3ppg and leading the Canton Charge in rebounds with 9.8 per game. DJ Johnson is averaging 6.4ppg and 8.8 rpg for the Santa Cruz Warriors. You can catch some of the G-League games on ESPN+ and espn3.