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What Chris Mack, Jarrod West Said After 64-52 Loss at Virginia

Read what the head coach of the Cardinals and guard Jarrod West said after their loss vs. the Cavaliers:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Louisville could overcome a an early 19-point hole, falling at Virginia to lose their fifth game in a six game span.

Here's what head coach Chris Mack and guard Jarrod West had to say following the loss:

Head Coach Chris Mack

(Opening Statement)

25-8 just really put us behind the eight ball. Virginia is a team that struggled to score all year. After they got 25 points in the first eight or nine minutes, it was way more of a challenge for them to score after that point. The three cutters that they run throughout the game on offense, cut really hard, and you got to be more determined to win the chase battle, if you will. We talked about it - you know, we only had a short time to prepare just like Virginia did. But it's one thing to tell, it's one thing to execute it, and we executed much better after we got in such a deficit. You have to be ready to chase, you have to be able to shortcut, you can't melt on screens, and we didn't learn that until we were down 25-8. A couple guys really hurt us in that action. Proud of our guys to continue to fight, but we could never get over the hump. We cut it to five and four a few times, got a couple open looks from guys that want you to open looks. Those go down, and maybe it becomes a little bit more game pressure on Virginia. But we didn't. Give him credit, they responded. You can't put yourself in a hole, 25-8, to start a game.

(On the rough start to the game)

We talked about it. Starts haven't necessarily been our issue, right? I don't think it's a recurring theme. We started against Notre Dame extremely well. Then, unlike other games, we came out in the second half and played maybe our best basketball of the game in the first five or seven minutes of the half. I don't think it's necessarily a trend. It's disappointing that we didn't come out with a better chasing mentality and an understanding. That's what put us behind.

(On if his players are still engaged)

Yeah, I think our guys are engaged. Malik (Williams) was asked a tough question the other day, wasn't really sure how to respond. Obviously thinks our team should be better, as do I. But we were the same team that was up seven at Notre Dame, the same team tonight - that despite a bad deficit that you can't give on the road - we're the same team that rallied and responded, and didn't quit. I think that's a little bit overblown, but at the same time, the result is the result. We're not here to do anything other than try to win games, and we haven't gotten the job done here as of late.

(On if he had a discussion with Malik Williams regarding his postgame comments after the Notre Dame game)

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I had a discussion with him, and that will stay between me and Malik. 

(On if the slow start was due to a lack of effort, or a condensed scouting report)

It's a quick scout, it's a quick turnaround, there's no doubt about it. Guys haven't played against Virginia before, don't maybe understand truly how quick they're cutting. How deceptive they try to beat me. Their whole offense is based on three guys using two screeners throughout the possession. It's a little old-school, old fashioned basketball. That was studied, and taught, and drilled over and over in the course of 24 hours. Again, Virginia had the same turnaround, so it's no excuse. But we certainly got better as the game progressed. Why it wasn't up to par, like I said, we had a couple guys that melted on the screens. It might not be our better perimeter defenders, but if we're going to keep them in the game, they've got to be able to do their job chasing cutters a little bit better.

(On his thoughts of where the team is right now)

It's a team that needs to improve quickly. The schedule is back loaded. That obviously is daunting, but at the same time, we've got a bunch of days here before we play on Saturday. We got to keep our spirits up, and we have to be able to get better over the next four days in order to compete against one of the better teams in the ACC (Duke).

Guard Jarrod West

(Photo of Chris Mack: Jamie Rhodes - USA TODAY Sports)

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