Malik Williams thinks Louisville communication can improve


When things get quiet and Louisville men’s basketball gets down, Malik Williams says something to pick his teammates back up. Whether it’s during good or bad moments, Williams is a vocal leader for the Cardinals so his teammates don’t have to hear everything from coaches.

The 6-foot-11 junior was elected as one of three team captains before the season started. Williams finished with 16 points and eight rebounds as Louisville lost to Georgia Tech Feb. 12, ending the Cardinals’ 10-game winning streak.

Williams has established himself as s vocal leader, despite not necessarily putting that title on himself.

“I don’t feel like it is my responsibility,” Williams said. “Captain label or no label, any guy on our team should say something when they see something. That’s just what I do.

“I feel like I got to continue to stay on guys. It’s hard for me as well, I’m out there making sure everybody is ready, I feel like I have been letting us down while doing that. It’s something that I’m trying to find out what exactly I need to do for us to get to that level.”

Williams says the team still needs to reach another level in communication.

“We do a good job of communicating things that have to be communicated like when you’re going into a ball screen, when there is a down screen and you’re telling someone to get through,” Williams said. “We do a good job with those things, but it’s that extra communication when you’re not involved in the play, you’re telling your guy that you have his back.”