Live Blog: Louisville vs. Kentucky


Louisville football finishes the 2019 regular season against Kentucky in Lexington Nov. 30. The Cardinals (7-4) defeated Syracuse 56-34 last week to finish second in the ACC Atlantic Division. Kentucky (6-5) is seeking its second straight win in the rivalry.

Follow along for live updates and analysis.

It's raining heavily and should continue throughout the game, 47 degrees with light wind. 

Louisville will receive the opening kickoff. 

The Cardinals will start at the 25-yard-line after the kick goes into the end zone. 

Javian Hawkins goes eight yards on the opening play from scrimmage, Tutu Atwell gains three yards on a forward toss for a first down. 

Hawkins picks up a first down on third-and-2, a 23-yard gain. Louisville on the 33-yard-line. 

9:48 first quarter, Atwell catches a 33-yard touchdown from Cunningham on fourth-and-10. 

Ryan Chalifoux misses the extra point attempt, Louisville leads Kentucky 6-0, drive goes 75 yards in nine plays. Atwell's touchdown ties the school record for touchdowns in a single season with 12. Cunningham threw a perfect pass to Atwell in the end zone to end the drive that lasted for more than five minutes. 

Lynn Bowden gains 18 yards on Kentucky's opening play from scrimmage. 

Christopher Rodriguez gains 18 yards and Louisville is flagged for an unnecessary roughness penalty, Kentucky on the 10-yard-line. 

Bowden picks up a first down on a third-and-4. Kentucky has the ball on the 4-yard-line. 

6:29 first quarter, Louisville leads Kentucky 6-0. The Wildcats have the ball on the 4-yard-line, first-and-goal. Kentucky has 46 rushing yards on the drive, averaging 9.2 yards per run. 

6:24 first quarter, A.J. Rose scores from four yards as Kentucky quickly answers. Kentucky leads Louisville 7-6. Kentucky goes 65 yards in six plays. 

6:17 first quarter, Hassan Hall returns the kickoff to the 15-yard-line, Louisville will take over after the 12-yard return. 

Cunningham finds Dez Fitzpatrick for a first down, gain of 12 yards. 

Hawkins picks up a first down, a gain of 10 yards. Louisville on thier own 49-yard-line. 

Louisville's drive has turned into a disaster on a holding penalty and false start. Cardinals face a second-and-20.

Fitzpatrick has a 15-yard reception on second down, but Cunningham is sacked. Louisville will punt on fourth-and-11 from their own 48-yard-line. 

0:39 first quarter, Mason King's punt is downed on the 6-yard-line. 

End of the first quarter: Kentucky leads Louisville 7-6. Kentucky has the ball on their own 12-yard-line, facing a second-and-4. Chalifoux's missed extra point in the difference right now. 

Kentucky's offensive line has been able to move Louisville's defensive line, averaging eight yards per run. 

Bowden picks up a first down on a third-and-4 with a 12-yard run. 

Kavosiey Smoke gains 70 yards, Kentucky has the ball on the 6-yard-line. Smoke sets a new career long with the run. The 70-yard run is the longest run of year for Kentucky. 

12:48 second quarter, Kentucky calls a timeout, has the ball on the 6-yard-line. Kentucky is averaging 14.3 yards per carry, has yet to throw the ball. 

12:43 second quarter, Bowden scores from six yards, Kentucky leads Louisville 14-6. Kentucky's drive goes 94 yards in five plays. 

12:37 second quarter, Louisville takes over on the 29-yard-line.

Cunningham's pass is deflected at the line of scrimmage, Louisville with a quick three-and-out.

Louisville attempts a fake punt and its stop well short of the line.  King handed the ball off to Trenell Troutman, but Troutman gained just one yard. 

11:09 second quarter, Kentucky takes over on the 34-yard-line. 

9:06 second quarter, Matt Ruffolo makes a 45-yard field goal. Kentucky leads Louisville 17-6. 

9:00 second quarter, Louisville takes over on the 30-yard-line. Cardinals are in danger zone right now, trailing 17-6. 

7:51 second quarter, Jordan Griffin intercepts a pass on the 20-yard-line. The ball was deflected and Atwell got his hands on it briefly before Griffin grabbed it. 

Louisville's defense holds after the interception. Kentucky set to punt after a three-and-out. 

5:43 second quarter, Louisville takes over on the 26-yard-line following the punt. 

3:58 second quarter, another three-and-out for Louisville, Kentucky takes over on the 19-yard-line. Kentucky leads 17-6. 

Bowden throws and completes Kentucky's first pass, a gain of four yards. 

0:35 second quarter, Khane Pass stops Bowden on a fourth-and-1 behind the line of scrimmage. Louisville takes over on the 44-yard-line. 

0:19 second quarter, Hawkins goes 56 yards for a touchdown. Louisville with a much needed score. Kentucky leads Louisville 17-13. Cunningham pitched an option run to Hawkins, who weaved through several defenders and had some nice blocks. Hawkins has 104 rushing yards, his seventh game with over 100 yards. 

Halftime: Kentucky leads Louisville 17-13. 

The Cardinals have some momentum going into halftime after Kentucky dominated for most of the first half. Kentucky has 201 rushing yards, averaging 8.2 yards per carry. Louisville has 199 yards of offense. 

14:56 third quarter, Kentucky takes over on the opening possession of the second half on the 35-yard-line. 

14:11 third quarter, Bowden goes 60 yards for a touchdown, Kentucky leads Louisville 24-13. Bowden got a few good blocks and did the rest. If Louisville had any momentum going into halftime, it's gone now. 

14:11 third quarter, Louisville takes over on the 25-yard-line. 

Atwell has an 11-yard reception on third-and-10. 

11:35 third quarter, Louisville facing a second-and-13 from their own 45-yard-line. Kentucky defensive end Josh Paschal was injured on the previous play. 

Cunningham is sacked on a third-and-23, things are going from bad to worse for Louisville, loss of 10 yards. 

9:28 third quarter, King's punt goes out of bounds at the Kentucky 43-yard-line. 

Rose rushes for 13 yards, crosses midfield, Kentucky has the ball on the Louisville 44-yard-line. 

6:35 third quarter, Kentucky facing a fourth-and-9 from the Louisville 43-yard-line, lining up to punt. 

6:05 third quarter, Kentucky punt is downed at the 4-yard-line. 

5:52 third quarter, Hawkins gets Louisville away from its own end zone with a 17-yard gain. Louisville now on the 21-yard-line. 

3:45 third quarter, Louisville faces a third-and-8 from the 23-yard-line after a false start, forced to call a timeout as play clock was expiring. 

Cunningham's pass to Fitzpatrick is incomplete, Louisville will punt. 

3:31 third quarter, Kentucky will take over on the 35-yard-line following a punt. 

1:31 third quarter, Bowden goes 46 yards for a touchdown on a third-and-1. Kentucky leads Louisville 31-13. Bowden has rushed for 207 yards and three scores. 

Conley replaces Cunningham at quarterback. 

End of third quarter: Kentucky leads Louisville 31-13. 

Conley is sacked for a loss of seven yards, Louisville will punt.

12:54 fourth quarter, Kentucky will take over on the 36-yard-line. 

12:43 fourth quarter, Rodriguez goes 64 yards for a touchdown. Kentucky's fourth straight 400-yard rushing game. Kentucky leads Louisville 38-13. 

8:44 fourth quarter, Louisville downs a punt on the 2-yard-line. 

6:05 fourth quarter, Kentucky faces a fourth-and-3 from the 32-yard-line. 

Bowden goes 32 yards for a touchdown.

5:15 fourth quarter, Kentucky leads Louisville 45-13. Bowden is up to 284 rushing yards. He ties the single-game school record with four rushing touchdowns. 

0:38 fourth quarter, Louisville facing a fourth-and-4 from the 42-yard-line.